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Could outcome of Oculus trial impede enterprise VR adoption?

This week, video game company ZeniMax accused Facebook-owned Oculus VR of stealing some of its key intellectual property and then using it for designing Oculus VR headset. In Searchlight, Associate Site Editor Brian Holak talks to analysts to find out what implications the lawsuit could have on enterprise VR adoption.

With corporate boards putting more focus on technology, the number of CIO board appointments is on the rise. “All the indicators suggest that the topic of technology has increased as a board topic because of the additional scrutiny and accountability expected on the topic by boards. And sometimes the skill set they want is right in that sweet spot of CIO,” Holly Morris, a former CIO and current board member at NIIT Technologies Ltd., told SearchCIO Contributor Mary K. Pratt. Pratt talks to CIOs serving on corporate boards to find out the requirements and the benefits associated with such appointments.

January is almost over. Here’s a quick recap of our compilation of the most popular stories on our SearchCIO site from 2016:

Features Writer Jason Sparapani looks back at the top tech news that SearchCIO covered in 2016, ranging from the Delta outage to Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election.

SearchCIO attended scores of conferences in 2016. Associate Editor Brian Holak looks back at some of our favorites.

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Senior Site Editor John Moore looks back at articles from 2016 that highlights what traditional enterprises can learn from startups.

Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski lists the best-read Data Mill columns in 2016. The most-read articles explored topics like AR, VR and AI.

As government contractors prep for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement compliance, Alvaka Network’s Kevin McDonald outlines the rules and requirements for being compliant with DFARS in this tip on our SearchCompliance site.