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Conferences upon conferences: GRC Summit, RSA, BYOE and more

It’s conference season for the CIO/IT Strategy Media Group! With one group in San Francisco, another in Wisconsin and a third at a local show in Boston during the past two weeks, our brains (and recorders) are packed with CIO content to share.

Coming out of the Fusion 2014 CEO-CIO Symposium this week in Madison, Wis., Karen Goulart’s weekly Searchlight looks at what dooms a digital strategy – and apparently, if your business is diving right into digital, you’re doing it wrong. Also from Fusion: Nicole Laskowski shares tips about forming partnerships in the C-suite between CIOs, chief marketing officers and even chief financial officers.

On our blog, Goulart discusses gauging the benefits of cloud ERP and why it’s a more talked-about topic among small-business IT leaders than enterprise CIOs. And speaking of the cloud, in an Ask the Expert tip, Forrester Research Inc. analyst James Staten shares why bring your own encryption (BYOE) — a cloud computing security model that allows cloud services customers to use their own encryption software and manage their own encryption keys — is an important model for enterprises today.

In other SearchCIO news…

Take it from Ann Mei Chang, CIO at global aid agency Mercy Corps: IT could be wasting an immense amount of money and resources in deploying technology without a clear understanding of its value and value to end users, Linda Tucci reports from MIT’s Disrupting Life! event.

This week also brought us the latest issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, focusing on rogue IT. CIOs are often unaware of these technology deployments, but IT leaders bear responsibility for managing security and data on these devices, services and apps — and could grow their careers by squeezing additional agility and value out of them.

Over on SearchCompliance…

Coming out of the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Calif., last week, Christina Torode pulled together a quick read featuring four luminaries’ POVs on underestimated security threats. In this blog post, hear from Marcus Ranum, Howard Schmidt, Dave Cullinane and Eugene Spafford.

SearchCompliance also hit the 2014 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Summit in Boston, Mass., Wednesday to learn about emerging trends in risk management from leaders in the field. Ben Cole caught up with Brian Barnier, principal analyst and advisor at ValueBridge Advisors LLC, after his morning keynote to ask more about his proactive approach to enterprise risk management in this on-camera interview.

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