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Cloud inventory strategies for CIOs; Flash security flaws spur Mozilla to action

Enterprises of all stripes are seeing their workers and business teams launching cloud apps — quickly and easily — without IT ever being in the know. That’s not a bad thing: These cloud apps create efficiencies in various business processes. But it further transforms the job of the CIO and how they take inventory of various rogue cloud apps. In this feature by Mary K. Pratt, explore how CIOs are discovering new best practices and partnering with the business to improve cloud inventory processes.

Adobe Flash has long been derided by users and businesses alike for its history of security problems. This week, it garnered even more scorn, this time from big-name companies Mozilla and Google, which blocked the plug-in from their browsers, and Facebook, whose CSO called for Flash’s demise. In Searchlight, assistant editor Brian Holak digs into why the Adobe’s continuous security negligence should set off red flags for CIOs.

The chief digital officer (CDO), formerly seen by many as a fleeting position, will be around for the long haul, according to a new IDC research report. “Now we’re seeing them run significant business units,” said one of the report’s authors. In Data Mill, read about the three types of CDOs and how they and CIOs can collaborate to lead their companies’ digital transformation.

Enterprises know the wealth of value to be reaped from their ever-growing stores of big data, particularly when it comes to making smart business decisions, meeting their customers’ constantly evolving demands and pursuing innovative projects. Luckily, our new Essential Guide is here to help! Scroll through to get guidance on Hadoop vs. traditional data storage, which technology is best for your specific organization, and other topics.

The current state of cybersecurity is looking bleak, according to a new book from the World Economic Forum, written by Alan Marcus and Derek O’Halloran. One thing current security models are lacking in today’s digital era: “digital resilience.” Senior news writer Nicole Laskowski lays out the seven tenets of this concept, and how leaders themselves – from the CIO to the CISO to the CEO to the board – can develop resilience.

The next big thing in BI and analytics? Data storytelling, which is getting a big push from collaborative computing vendors such as Yammer, as well as tech companies like Automated Insights, which analyzes big data patterns and generates narratives from them. Listen to Laskowski’s podcast interview with chief research officer Howard Dresner, of Dresner Advisory Services, to learn more about the trend.

On the Total CIO blog: As customers increasingly seek measurable outcomes as opposed to simply products, companies are finding that they must make the shift to a platform business model, through reinvestments and reinvention, to meet their demands. Paul Daugherty, Accenture CTO, pointed to two companies that did just that: John Deere and Home Depot.

The number of compliance regulations is growing larger by the minute; thankfully, automated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes have helped many companies save resources. But automated processes must also align with a company’s existing data management goals, and they can be a headache to implement if everyone isn’t on board. In this SearchCompliance Q&A, GRC expert Jeffrey Ritter talks about how companies can prepare for implementation.

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