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Cloud contract essentials; notes from Gartner Symposium

Migrating to the cloud is a big decision with a lot of moving parts. One of the most crucial pieces is the often-dreaded cloud contract. In this two-part feature, learn best practices for negotiating a cloud contract and explore the importance of CIO peer review in contract negotiations.

From the Gartner Symposium:  Read why vigilance and curiosity make for the best cybersecurity. Plus, senior news writer Nicole Laskowski explains why the CIO needs the CDO.

IBM seeks to bring cognitive computing to the masses with the new Cognitive Business Solutions group. Will it succeed? In this week’s Searchlight, site editor Fran Sales details IBM’s initiative and explores the CIO angle. Also in Searchlight: Apple splits with VMware and Dell considers buying EMC.

What are big data’s biggest ethical challenges? At a recent Harvard University event, academics and IT professionals discussed big data ethics and why CIOs need to get involved.

Quiet time isn’t just for kids. At the recent Strata + Hadoop World conference, IT professionals discussed why more quiet time leads to a more creative mind. Also in Data Mill, meet the #HowOldRobot and find out how IoT is influencing the Tour de France.

Before diving into IoT projects, there are some things CIOs need to know. In the latest issue of our CIO Decisions e-zine, discover the must-know aspects of IoT that all CIOs should know before getting started on their next big enterprise IoT project.

Over on the TotalCIO blog, find out how knowledgeable security experts can help keep your company breach-proof. Then, features writer Jason Sparapani explores whether CIOs are ready for a future filled with hybrid cloud.

On SearchCompliance, corporate customers play a bigger role in cloud data loss prevention than you thought, according to security expert Jeff Jenkins. Find out why. Then, check out the latest handbook on cloud risk management to learn governance strategies to protect digital assets.

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