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Cambridge Cyber Summit: Security and privacy on the balancing scale

This week, government officials, cybersecurity experts, IT executives and academicians met at the Cambridge Cyber Summit to discuss burgeoning cyber threats and attacks. In Searchlight, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski writes about the security and privacy debate that ensued. Also in Searchlight: Google Pixel unveiled; did Yahoo scan user emails?

We have three new essential guides for you! Have questions on blockchain? Our essential guide on the technology delves into its various aspects including implementation, trends, use cases, benefits and concerns, to help CIOs and IT executives better understand the key concepts of blockchain. This essential guide rounds up SearchCIO’s coverage of the 2016 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium and will help you learn the strategies and best practices that industry veterans recommend you should adopt to thrive in the digital economy. As CIOs, you should keep yourself up-to-date with new and emerging technologies. This essential guide delves into technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, robotic process automation, 3D printing and blockchain that are talk of the town.

The October issue of our CIO Decisions e-zine is out! Executive Editor Linda Tucci explores robotic process automation, the hot new technology. Contributor Mary Pratt writes about Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority’s transition to the cloud and Laskowski talks to Nationwide Mutual Insurance’s Guru Vasudeva to find out about his IT department’s lean management system.

“Where we’re heading is, as the volume grows and as the consumption grows, cloud is not really the place you want to be,” said New Balance vice president of IT Ravi Shankavaram, at the recent SIM Summit in Boston. Read why Features Writer Jason Sparapani says this comment spurred a “different sort of cloud buzz.”

Lyft envisions a future where private car ownership is non-existent and where it will operate a fleet of driverless cars. On TotalCIO, editorial assistant Christian Stafford writes about Lyft CTO Chris Lambert’s gameplan to achieve this vision. Lambert was speaking at a recent event at Northeastern University.

Over at our SearchCompliance site, this round-up of GRC news highlights the arrest of a former NSA contractor who was charged with the “theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials;” Snap’s photo and video-capturing glasses raises questions about privacy issues; MasterCard’s new facial-recognition payment-authentication app and presidential hopefuls talk about their cybersecurity plans.

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