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CIOs, it's time to armor up against future cloud outages

The following is our weekly roundup of SearchCIO and SearchCompliance content.

This week, the AWS’s S3 outage made headlines. In Searchlight, Features Writer Jason Sparapani talks to analysts to find out what steps CIOs should be taking to tackle future cloud outages and whether a multi-cloud strategy is a viable option.

While OpenStack public cloud is far less common in the U.S., public cloud service providers in Europe and Asia are embracing the open source platform. Sparapani talks to Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson to understand what’s driving OpenStack adoption outside of the States.

Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski talks to analysts and CIOs to find out ways to fund smart city projects and why it is important for city CIOs to have a vision, strategy and business model before they embark on smart city initiatives.

IT professionals need a good handle on both the technology and business side of an organization to climb up the leadership ladder. Brown University’s Sandra Smith enumerates the skills tech professionals need to step into IT management roles.

Contributor Mary K. Pratt writes about serverless computing and how it can help IT achieve its agile goals.

Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter writes about the reasons CIOs should not ignore information asset management.

Here’s a host of SearchCIO videos, from the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Fla. last year, for you to watch: John Viglione, former CTO and current executive vice president at tax technology solutions provider Vertex Inc., talks about how his company has embraced a bimodal IT strategy and how his organization helps clients through their transition towards increased data transparency. Don Schuerman, CTO at Pegasystems talks about how companies can step up their digital initiatives and how marketing is often at the forefront of an organization’s technological and digital transformation initiatives. Abbas Haider Ali, CTO and digital transformation leader at xMatters, talks about his outward-facing CTO role and his professional future.

Over on TotalCIO, Laskowski talks to Forrester analyst Jennifer Belissent about why city CIOs should have their IT infrastructure in order before investing in technology for smart city projects.

Sparapani writes about PwC’s digital IQ survey and why companies need to focus on the human experience of technology if they want to handle the workplace changes that will accompany emerging tech implementations.

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