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CIOs can take advantage of Apple iCloud hack; cloud BI in e-commerce

Security experts, the media and Hollywood were thrown into a tizzy in response to the leak of celebrity nude photos in Apple’s iCloud breach. For CIOs, however, the big news offers a hidden opportunity to school employees on the importance of security in today’s digital age. Customer experience expert Kevin Paul Scott shares some thoughts on how to go about it in this week’s Searchlight.

Urbio, a startup that sells a magnetic vertical wall organizer, generated media and consumer buzz before it even had a business. In those days, Blair Stewart, vice president of operations, had a tough job ahead of him: analyzing e-commerce data from myriad sources and making it actionable. In a feature by Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski, read how Stewart turned to cloud analytics tools for help.

When PayPal was acquired by eBay, it moved to an office space larger than it could fill. PayPal’s unique solution? It formed an incubator called Start Tank that provides six months of office space and PayPal’s mentorship to new Boston businesses. Watch Features Writer Kristen Lee’s video to get the scoop on how the online payment processor is supporting Boston startup culture.

CIOs today have access to heaps of potentially actionable data – but what now? They face the dilemma of whether to build their own big data architecture or buy the technology from providers, an issue Laskowski explores in the lead item of the latest edition of our CIO Decisions ezine. Flip through the issue to find out the pros and cons of each approach; plus, read about PayPal’s shift to Agile, seven data science lessons from McGraw-Hill Education, and more.

And for big data projects to be successful, it’s not enough to just build a big data infrastructure and call it a day. In Data Mill, Laskowski details how IT and the business must align their vision of what defines big data success in order to get the most business value out of big data analytics.

Elsewhere on SearchCIO…

Countless organizations, large and small, now know the many perks of “going mobile” — but it isn’t always painless, writes SearchCIO contributor Bryan Barringer. The No. 1 priority for CIOs when pursuing mobile, he says, is mobile governance.

Due to growing demands on several fronts, enterprise IT is faced with the difficult task of hiring talent that represents the right combination of technical know-how and people savvy. In this #CIOChat recap on hiring in the midst of a tech talent shortage, recruiting expert Shawn Banerji and other participants sound off on what an IT hiring strategy should entail.

On SearchCompliance…

Organizations and governments are adopting cloud services at a rapid rate, even as it becomes more difficult to comply with mounting privacy laws that pose potential roadblocks to e-discovery. In this SearchCompliance Q&A, compliance expert Jeffrey Ritter offers strategies to balance the privacy and e-discovery.

Many organizations have had to revamp their e-discovery processes to adapt to the ever-growing volumes of big data. It’s a challenge, however, considering the difficulty and cost to perform quick e-discovery of relevant legal information. In this #GRCChat recap, tweet chat participants weighed in on the biggest hurdles businesses face today when it comes to data discovery.

Data privacy concerns peppered news headlines of late, starting with Apple’s defense of its security systems in the wake of the iCloud leak. Also in SearchCompliance’s news roundup, Microsoft stands its ground against a search warrant for customer data held overseas, the E.U. is in talks to reform its 1995 data protection law, and more.

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