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CIOs can make $250 in 10 minutes

Every year we endeavor to round up a bunch of salary information and get a grip on how much cash CIOs are taking home.

Basically, we figure out how much all of you are making and then tell you about it. We look not only at salary, but also at how it relates to different-sized businesses in different industries. We look at the economy and how it affects you. We look at how happy you are with your job.

To do this, we need you to fill out a short survey so we can have as much data as possible to work with. Once that’s all done, we look for interesting trends and report as such. This is what came out of last year’s survey. And this is what we put in CIO Decisions magazine.

I could be hokey about it and ask you to fill the survey out because the end result is more information for you about how your peers are faring with their paychecks.

But let’s be honest. If you fill this thing out, we might give you $250. It’s an American Express gift certificate, mind you, but that’s as good as cash. Well, you can’t buy drugs with it.

But you could buy this grill. And really, who wouldn’t want that?

The catch, of course, is you need to be a CIO or have an equivalent title.

In case you missed the above link to the survey, here it is.

And apparently that grill has been discontinued, which is a crime against nature. Still: $250.

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