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CIO talks data center consolidation; big data do's and don'ts

Is your company looking to consolidate data centers? AMD CIO Jake Dominguez knows a thing or two about that, having consolidated 18 data centers down to two. Read Dominguez’s story and get tips on the right way to proceed with your IT consolidation strategy.

Success and failure of a big data strategy hinges on a few key factors. Before you start you next big data project, read Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski’s latest Data Mill to familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of big data.

Will Microsoft’s Windows 10 usher in a new category of computing? At the recent Windows 10 announcement event, Microsoft unveiled a holographic headset, personal digital assistant Cortana and the Continuum interface, among other developments aimed at reeling back in consumers and enterprises. The latest Searchlight addresses the details and implications of the Windows 10 announcement.

As SearchCIO Columnist Brian Barringer writes, crowdfunding finance methods have been around since the 17th century, but the phenomenon that we’re familiar with – spurred by sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo — has only been around for a few years. Is this form of financing a good option for your small business? Barringer gives his take on crowdfunding for small businesses.

How should CIOs prepare for systems of engagement? In this Ask the Expert, IDC Analyst Rick Villars discusses how IT organizations can adapt to evolving systems of engagement through data management, automation and other practices.

Refresh your knowledge of TechTarget’s 2014 Information Technology Salary and Careers Survey with the latest Essential Guide, and learn about IT executives’ compensation, salary trends across the IT landscape and 2015 project priorities.

Speaking of the 2014 salary survey, Mark Schlack, TechTarget’s Senior Vice President of Editorial, presents a 2015 information technology outlook based on the results of the survey, indicating higher budgets and more cloud services in the coming year.

That’s not the only predictions made for 2015. In this #GRCChat recap, participants forecast which GRC-related technologies will grow in popularity in 2015 and which will wane. Plus, #GRCChat-ters share which GRC terms they’re swearing off in 2015.

Over on the TotalCIO blog, Features Writer Kristen Lee discusses the secrets to successfully rationalizing applications and explores how digitization is transforming business practices with the president of Lundberg Media. Meanwhile, on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Associate Site Editor Francesca Sales dishes on a controversial website that offers hackers for hire and describes Obama’s advocacy for new data privacy laws.

It’s almost time for the next #CIOChat! Join SearchCIO editors and fellow tweeters Wednesday, Jan 28, at 3 p.m. EST to talk Internet of Things (IoT) security. We’ll be discussing whether the enterprise is prepared for the security implications of IoT and much more. See you there!

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