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CDO role on the rise, security in the limelight, and more

Are chief digital officers a boon to the business, or might they eventually be the bane of the CIO? That’s one of many questions we explored on SearchCIO this week.

Digital strategy is where it’s at; combine that with customer engagement and you have a winning formula. Just ask Taco Bell, which posted on Facebook its exchange with a customer about his request for a customized speedo; unsurprisingly, user interaction exploded. In this week’s Data Mill, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski digs into how the organizations can take advantage of that winning formula in the form of the chief digital officer (CDO).

Indeed, with digital innovation topping companies’ priority lists, the glamorous-sounding CDO role is rapidly growing. But it won’t always be so rosy for the CDO, panelists at the recent CDO Summit in New York agreed: As organizations go all-digital, other chief officer roles likely will evolve to take on digital responsibilities, leaving less and less for the CDO role to manage. Check out Associate Editor Emily McLaughlin’s tweet-laced coverage in this conference recap.

Elsewhere on SearchCIO…
Security takes center stage (once again!) in this week’s Searchlight. In the wake of last year’s epic credit-card breach, retail giant Target is rebounding with its biggest move yet: appointing heavyweight Bob DeRodes as new CIO. Target’s CEO says that DeRodes, who was a senior information technology advisor to multiple government bodies, is well-positioned to “lead our continued breach responses and guide our long-term digital strategy.” Read the full column and find out what else the Web is buzzing about this week.

Speaking of data breaches, it’s time to go back to the basics to combat today’s breed of data-driven cybercrime. That was IT execs’ resounding response when asked what new security technologies they recommend. In our latest Future State column, Editorial Director Christina Torode explores how security oldies-but-goodies such as systems logging are worthy means of battling data-driven security problems.

On that note: If you’re using cloud, you’ve probably heard that security breaches are almost inevitable, so how should you prepare for sneak attacks and mitigate the consequences? Security experts offer their advice in the latest CIO Symmetry blog post by Laskowski.

Our CTO contributor Niel Nickolaisen has a few things to say about cybersecurity as well. He advises fellow IT leaders to adopt a hybrid security approach, relying on both experts’ knowledge and your own homegrown intelligence. Read his tip on how to use risk assessment profiling as a foundation for a strong hybrid strategy.

It’s no surprise security is a point of focus this week — and really, this year. Check out the results of TechTarget’s recent survey of enterprise IT priorities for 2014 and you’ll see that various security initiatives — including mobile and network security — easily make the top 10. Click through our slideshow by Associate Editor Fran Sales for more on enterprise tech investments in 2014.

Other SearchCIO happenings…
Thanks to the monopolies of cable TV, we buy ridiculous cable bundles of 200+ channels even though many of us would be happy with just five. Are Internet service providers (ISPs) headed in the same direction? In this week’s CIO Matters column, guest CIO contributor and “netizen” Ravi Ravishanker examines the implications of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling, which found that the Federal Communications Commission can’t impose net neutrality on ISPs. Find out how that could lead them to serve up preferential treatment to companies with the big bucks.

It’s quiz time again! The IT outsourcing landscape is constantly evolving and there are ever-more components to consider, so review our recent coverage and make sure you’re up to date on outsourcing management considerations.

Over on SearchCompliance…
Security is dominating the compliance sphere as well, as seen in the rise in intelligence-driven security. SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole sat down with Kim Jones, chief security officer and senior vice president Vantiv Company LLC, at the RSA 2014 Conference to discuss what counts as intelligence-driven security, its limits and how to use it to drive sound decisions.

Meanwhile, the latest installment in the IT Compliance FAQ series answers the top questions on Heartbleed, the OpenSSL bug experts are calling one of the worst in Internet history. Make sure you’re aware of its ins and outs and that you’ve taken the steps necessary to address potential vulnerabilities.

And onto chattier matters: If you missed last week’s #GRCchat on Twitter, our tweet jam recap has all the juicy info on the role of information governance in meeting GRC requirements in the digital, big data age. Calendar note: Quell your #GRCchat hankerings with our next SearchCompliance tweet jam, scheduled for May 15 at 12 p.m. EST (topic TBD).

Stay tuned for next week’s CIO Symmetry roundup, and stay on top of our news and tips by following @SearchCIO, @SearchCIOSMB and @ITCompliance.

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