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Building a CIO legacy

To build a CIO legacy, “what matters is that what you’re developing and what you’re building right now is in response to the business need,” according to Deloitte’s Khalid Kark. Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski highlights points from Deloitte’s new research on how CIO’s can help lead digital transformation in their organization. Also, Kark offers a three-step strategy for CIO’s on how to become business leaders.

Phil Weinzimer, president of Strategere Consulting in Allentown, Pa., wrote Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise in 2014. He highlights the four transformations that IT leaders should go through to become a strategic CIO.

At the recent Digital Business Summit in Chicago, ISG Insights’ Bill McNee offered pointers for organizations who are embracing digital initiatives.

Features Writer Jason Sparapani looks back at the top tech news that SearchCIO covered in 2016, ranging from the Delta outage to Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election andAssociate Editor Brian Holak looks back at the conferences that SearchCIO attended in 2016.

The year 2016 has seen a host of tech mergers and acquisitions, starting from multi-billion to mega million deals. Here’s our list of the top five tech mergers this year.

Contributor Mary Pratt writes about how Methods Machine Tools found a new way to improve customer service by leveraging 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

In this Q&A, ISG Insights analyst Stanton Jones explains the three levels of digital labor and offers pointers for CIOs who are looking to deploy digital labor in their organization.

Our 2017 IT events calendar is here. It’s time to start planning which conferences you want to attend next year.

This Symmetry blog post rounds up tech news from this week: Facebook faces EU scrutiny; Twitter CTO quits; SoftBank invests in OneWeb and Verizon seeks new deal terms from Yahoo.

Over on SearchCompliance, Senior Site Editor Ben Cole interviewed Monique Ferraro, Cyber Counsel for Munich Re’s U.S. P&C Cyber and Privacy Risk Practice, to find out whatstipulations could be included in IoT and drone regulations.

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