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Black Friday and the prospect of e-commerce site crashes

Ah, ’tis the season of good cheer – and omens for e-commerce site crashes alike! A retail industry site I’ve grown fond of, Evan Schuman’s StorefrontBacktalk, is predicting chaos in the land of online shopping as a result of rushed IT projects, more customer handoffs for functions like payment and shipping (PayPal, FedEx and the like) and integration with other third parties (Facebook, MySpace) where transactions can run into trouble.

While this is no laughing matter for an industry and an economy hovering on the brink, the site’s editors seem to be rubbing their hands at the prospect of some hot news stories, come the day known as Black Friday.These editors have launched a Twitter feed in which they’ll blast news of any site crashes or slowdowns, which will serve either to vindicate their predictions or, more optimistically, show that the retail engine is all tuned up for the marathon month ahead. So we’ll see – I’ve signed up for the feed and will update this blog as news unfolds (or, doesn’t). In the meantime, here’s something to be thankful for: that your transaction processing, load balancing and Web services aren’t quite so visible to the public eye.

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And here's an update: is down, and a couple of other sites have experienced slowdowns ( and among them), according to the StorefrontBacktalk Twitter feed.