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Biometric technologies and an IT startup culture have CIOs buzzing

As innovative biometric technologies enter the corporate sphere, we expect to hear IT leaders and their users exhale a big, collective sigh of relief. Why? Startup companies specializing in biometric authentication are popping up all over the place, providing organizations with harder-to-hack password options for better security. In this Future State column, SearchCIO Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski talks to Kansas City startup EyeVerify LLC about its technology that recognizes blood vessel patterns in the eye and uses that information to allow access to, say, mobile banking applications.

Much like biometric technologies, wearable devices are beginning to cause a stir among enterprise executives. During our most recent tweet jam, participants took to Twitter to discuss what to do with all that data, which tools are needed to make workplace wearables effective and how to improve customer interactions and increase business value.

In other news….

New year, new ‘zine! Our CIO Decisions e-zine got a facelift this month, and touched on some hard-hitting CIO topics from top dogs like MetLife, the University of Michigan and Purdue University. Topics covered in this issue include how to draw IT inspiration from startups, a CIO’s cloud conundrum and the ongoing battle against malware.

In addition to our info-packed e-zine, SearchCIO was bustling with valuable advice for CIOs, including how to rise through the leadership ranks and usher in corporate-wide cloud strategies. Learn what it takes to get ahead in this CIO Innovators feature of Allstate’s Pat Coffey, a programmer-turned-senior vice president. In our second CIO Innovators piece of the week, learn how Revlon CIO David Giambruno built a corporate cloud that transformed the department from a vertical organization into a horizontal one. For our small-business audience, contributor Christine Parizo assesses the ongoing presence of PCs in the workplace, even as Microsoft winds down Windows XP support.

Ponder this….

Have you ever gotten half way to your destination and realized you forgot your flash drive or external hard drive at home? Well, that’s exactly how Dropbox Inc. was born. Last week, Andrew Houston, Dropbox CEO and a former MIT student, returned to Cambridge, Mass., for a fireside chat on “The War for Talent.” Read Houston’s five tips for winning the tech talent war in Data Mill, then hop over to our TotalCIO blog to learn about Dropbox’s company culture philosophy.

Fresh off the press….

Karen Goulart’s weekly — and very timely — Searchlight column looks at the potential of Bill Gates’ new advisory role at Microsoft as the company welcomes new CEO Satya Nadella. After debating what Nadella should do first, take a look at other stories in Goulart’s round-up, including Facebook’s 10th anniversary and more.

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