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Beefing up security with self-aware apps; building a better IT service model

Application security is becoming self-aware. A new tool called runtime application self-protection (RASP) could help CIOs boost their IT security, but some experts question whether it’s enterprise-ready.

What can you do to compete against service providers and take back control of your organization? SearchCIO expert Niel Nicholaisen offers a few tips on how to build a better IT service model.

This week, Google launched a set of business-focused technologies that allows employees to run their personal and corporate apps on their android device. Is Android for Work set to take the enterprise by storm and give Apple and Microsoft a run for their money? In this week’s Searchlight, Associate Editor Fran Sales discusses the program’s pros and cons. Plus, FCC ‘s net neutrality proposal passes and a sex bias lawsuit rocks Silicon Valley.

DevOps is a hot trend in IT that’s making companies more flexible and competitive. But, according to Gartner analyst David Cearley, the approach as it is typically practiced today doesn’t go far enough. Cearley explains why security needs to be included in DevOps models and gives tips on how to do it.

Speaking of security, SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel dishes on next-generation security risks and how to formulate a new strategy in a mobile culture where the number of mobile devices now outnumbers the number of people in the world.

New PCI DSS 3.0 requirements focus on making sure data security becomes a part of companies’ everyday business processes. But how will they affect your company? In this FAQ, SearchCompliance contributor Caron Carlson explains the changes to expect with the latest version of PCI DSS.

Also on SearchCompliance, learn why continuous monitoring, third-party vetting and other IT best practices are vital to long-term mobile compliance and security. Plus, the latest IT Compliance Advisor blog post broaches the subject of the extra privacy fee that comes with AT&T’s high-speed service as well as Google’s privacy inspections agreement with a European data privacy regulator.

Making the move to the cloud doesn’t need to be complicated. Over on the CIO Symmetry blog, Features Writer Kristen Lee gives expert tips on how to migrate to the cloud and mitigate risks, and what to do after migrating to the cloud.

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