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Assessing biometric surveillance in Brussels' wake; data lake implementation tips

With Big Brother watching, what could go wrong? Biometric surveillance is drawing attention — and trepidation — in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels. In this week’s Searchlight, analysts discuss the present and future use of biometrics technology in national security efforts and share their logistic and privacy concerns.

Before starting your data lake implementation there are some things you need to know. In this Conference Notebook installment, learn three key ingredients that can make or break your company’s data lake system. Also, experts discuss why data lake governance is a critical component in modern data architecture.

Building a customer base is a dilemma every fledgling platform company faces. In this article, read about the experiences of Thumbtack, an online marketplace for home and other professional services, and get best practices for attaining critical mass.

CISOs have the important job of discerning the right technology to use and laying down the right policy, so just what skillset is required for the job? In this article, Features Writer Jason Sparapani and senior IT executives explore the balance of technical skills and business polish that are necessary for the CISO role.

3D printing is making its way into the enterprise. What should CIOs know? In this Essential Guide, catch up on SearchCIO’s recent 3D technology coverage including expert advice and columns.

The Internet of Things seems to be making its way into nearly every industry. The food industry is no exception. In this blog post, Site Editor John Moore talks about food grown locally with assistance from IoT in the form of sensors and mobile applications. Also on the blogs, Sparapani discusses the importance of communication and cooperation among public and private sectors following an attack on the power grid.

On SearchCompliance…

This year marked a change in the way finance industry regulators regulate. In this feature, find out how the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is moving away from checkbox-style regulations and focusing instead on companies’ compliance culture.

Security is no longer just an IT issue — it’s a boardroom issue. In this blog post, Site Editor Fran Sales highlights cybersecurity issues the board should focus on when scoping potential risks.

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