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Apple teams up with Cisco to enhance workplace; IT vices become virtues

Apple and Cisco announced this week that they are partnering to make Apple devices work better on corporate networks that use Cisco technology. It sounds like a win-win, but details are sparse. In this week’s Searchlight, site editor Fran Sales parses through the Apple-Cisco deal and gets analysts’ reactions. Also in Searchlight: Samsung gives Apple Watch some competition and Google unveils a new logo.

Sometimes IT vices can be turned into virtues. In this tip, Gartner analyst Danny Brian explains how IT pros who are lazy, impatient and hubristic are just who CIOs need to build the perfect team.

Enterprise data architecture strategies aren’t what they used to be. According to David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity Inc., today’s data environments call for CIOs and their teams to align existing data systems with growing information needs, capabilities and data sources. Take a plunge into the big data lake and explore data virtualization tools in this SearchCIO tip.

With the increased use of devices in the workplace also comes increased governance hurdles. To keep pace with these challenges, IT and security executives are forced to develop more comprehensive mobile data security plans and implement stronger technology solutions. SearchCIO contributor Mary K. Pratt talks to the pros to find out best practices for mobile data security and governance.

Speaking of data governance, IT regulations continue to strain corporate resources, but incorporating data governance into policies can help your GRC initiatives flourish while remaining compliant. Loshin dishes out data governance advice that can help facilitate compliance initiatives.

Playing it safe won’t get you very far in today’s business environment, especially when so many other companies continue to redefine their industries in new ways. In this month’s CIO Decisions e-zine, we talk to five IT leaders-as-industry-disruptors and find out what they’re doing to transform their companies and their industries. Also in this issue: how the head of data science at The New York Times is predicting subscriber churn and how CIOs are being pressured to take advantage of data monetization.

On the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Sales runs down the latest GRC news, including how Apple CEO Tim Cook’s email may have defied SEC disclosure rules, Charles Schwab’s $2 million fine from FINRA and the U.S. appeals court assertion of the FTC’s corporate cybersecurity powers.

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