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Apple makes another enterprise bid with iPad Pro; 5 career-ending CIO don'ts

As if you needed even more convincing that Apple was serious about breaking into the enterprise, here’s further proof: Its business-centric iPad Pro is bigger, lasts longer and performs faster than its predecessor (and comes with a stylus, to boot). Could this be the device that gives Apple the edge over its competitors in the enterprise? On Searchlight, assistant site editor Brian Holak turned to industry experts and CIOs to get their answer – which was both yes and no.

No matter how fortified you think your organization is to cyberthreats, it’s probably still extremely vulnerable. One reason for this, according to analyst Steve Wilson and IT security leaders, is that we’ve become reliant on process and audits instead of directly addressing the underlying problem: “brittle” IT systems. Writer Mary K. Pratt consulted cybersecurity experts to get their advice on how to re-engineer these inadequately protected IT systems and take advantage of next-generation security tools.

In the age of the customer, companies large and small are turning to business process management (BPM) principles, or value disciplines, to improve their customer-facing processes. In this video, BPM expert Ken Lewis lays out how a company’s choice of value discipline affects its IT systems and points toward a future that integrates systems of record with systems of engagement.

Speaking of today’s customer-centric business environment, many CIOs are stuck in the past, when internal operations reigned supreme. This attitude could be career-ending, as Forrester analyst Bobby Cameron put it. Now, the buyer holds the power, and CIOs must focus on technology that serves them. Cameron shared with features writer Jason Sparapani his list of five predicaments that CIOs should steer clear of – lest they put their careers at risk.

When Apple and Cisco announced last week that they were teaming up to “optimize” enterprise networks for iOS devices, industry experts were lukewarm on the deal, mainly because of the lack of details. However, CIOs on Twitter were more enthused about its possibilities for enterprise. On the Total CIO blog, see why some CIOs see the alliance as a big step forward.

“Geobytes” and “brontobytes” have now replaced terabytes as commonly used measurements for the amount of data produced each year, making big data governance an increasingly tall order for the modern companies that generate and store them. In this SearchCompliance tip, expert Jeffrey Ritter offers five strategies for how to make governance an easier process.

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