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A CIO's cybersecurity checklist; tech integration strategies and best practices

Cyberdefense has become major concern across the globe: Individuals, companies, governments and even national security are all being threatened by cybercrime. As the cyberthreat landscape grows more dangerous by the day, SearchCIO contributor Harvey Koeppel offers a 12-point cybersecurity checklist for CIOs. Step No. 1: Ensure everyone in your organization understands that cybersecurity is not just an IT concern; it is everyone’s problem.

Just because you say your IT organization functions as a full-fledged partner to the business doesn’t make it true. Gary Watkins, CIO of IT Shared Services at KAR Auction Services Inc., a Fortune 1000 global provider of used vehicle auction services in Carmel, Ind., has engineered a plan that aims to walk the talk. Watkins calls the plan the “big switch” and it has big goals: to turn the 130-person IT staff from a technology supply organization for KAR’s 12,000 employees into a business-savvy IT service provider.

Success in the CIO position has less to do with building technology prowess and more to do with the ability to master other areas of expertise important to running a business, according to research from Columbia University. This week’s Data Mill explores how CIOs can use these findings to succeed in their role.

This month marked the formal launch of “The Cookie Dining,” a platform that lets customers order food via restaurant-branded mobile apps or websites. Developers say The Cookie Dining’s platform business model distinguishes itself from established rivals by offering real-time payment, lower commissions and analytics. The platform’s biggest challenge thus far, however, isn’t on the technology side.

Stock market volatility was big news this week after China’s Shanghai Composite index saw an 8.5% drop on Monday. The drop caused global markets to plunge and hinted at cracks in an otherwise sturdy U.S. economy. Stock markets rebounded as the week went on, but should CIOs be worried the instability will put pressure on IT budgets? Also in Searchlight: Google fights claims of market abuse; Windows 10 hits 75 million devices in one month.

As data volumes continue to grow, information governance has become central to an organization’s ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance. In a guest blog post for the IT Compliance Advisor, ARMA International’s Diane K. Carlisle discussed the characteristics of a strong information governance program and how organizations can use recordkeeping tools to benefit compliance operations.

Data virtualization technology is shifting from a tactical concern to strategic one as businesses look to integrate and access data from across Web sources, social media and the Internet of Things. In this Q&A, data management expert Rick Sherman explains why data virtualization should be on the CIO radar, the benefits it brings over traditional data integration tools and how it can be used for competitive advantage.

CIOs diving in to new technologies or strategies are often told to “start small.” New research jointly conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital, however flies in the face of this advice: The report found that “digitally mature” companies are more likely to focus on the big picture. But if the big picture is the key to successful digital transformation, is “starting small” no longer a viable option? Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski discusses in this a TotalCIO blog post.

SearchCIO Features Writer Jason Sparapani recently traveled to sunny San Diego for the Gartner Catalyst conference, where he was enraptured by a presentation by communications expert Mark Jeffries. Sparapani called Jeffries’ lively, onehour discussion on the mechanics of networking and influencing others “pure gold for CIOs.”