CIO Symmetry

July 2008

  • Will Mobile mania go the way of the Marlboro Man?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 29 Jul 2008
  • This just in: Mobile phones may cause cancerous brain tumors. How many times have we heard that? Over the years, as mobile phones became increasingly popular, studies have linked them to cancer and ...

  • Weekly Round-up

    Glen Weaver 28 Jul 2008
  • Sunday is the last holdout of newspapers. Suffering under tight budgets and diminished staff sizes, papers of all sizes still seem to hold it together on the day of rest. Working on a “Sunday ...

  • Microsoft: Kicking SaaS and changing names

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 28 Jul 2008
  • I brushed up on SaaS (Software as a Service) knowledge today. After reading through all the SaaS articles on my site, I continued on to Google. Amongst the many pages of SaaS, there was a Microsoft ...

  • Weekly wrapup

    Glen Weaver 24 Jul 2008
  • I think the “things that tick us off” theme of this blog is rubbing off on one of our contributors. Just yesterday, The Real Niel gave us a killer column about how bad your business will look if ...

  • "Are you serious?" or: Dumb things press flaks say

    Glen Weaver 24 Jul 2008
  • "What we’re doing is providing an enterprise-level product at a price point that’s affordable to the midmarket." Or something like that. This is my life. I take these phone calls all the time. If ...

  • Gartner: Governments should consider electronic health records now

    Glen Weaver 23 Jul 2008
  • Earlier this year I wrote about the field of landmines confronting health care CIOs as electronic personal health record programs like Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault make inroads into the ...

  • When it comes to the Internet, Senator McCain McCain’t

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 22 Jul 2008
  • CNN’s top technology story Monday highlighted a little-known fact about Senator John McCain -- he doesn’t use the Internet (he does have several Facebook pages, though. Funny how that works…) This ...

  • Fighting for a Vista rebate. Because somebody has to.

    Glen Weaver 21 Jul 2008
  • Some people suffer the insufferable for piece of mind and for the good of all of us who want to live safe, comfortable lives. The mysterious uncle_benji is one of those people. Ben, as I’ll call ...

  • Big green HP scheme

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 21 Jul 2008
  • With polar bears balancing on ice cubes in the Arctic Circle and gas prices skyrocketing, we are all looking to be a bit more ‘green’ in our everyday lifestyle choices. Right? Well, we’re trying. ...

  • Mainstream media round-up

    Glen Weaver 21 Jul 2008
  • Man, that was a hot and humid one out here. The best thing about Monday is TechTarget foots the air conditioning bill. Here’s what’s been going on, though: The New York Times reported that ...