CIO Symmetry

November 2008

  • The Web 2.0/social media revolution inches along

    Anne McCrory - TechTarget 14 Nov 2008
  • More evidence this week that the Web 2.0/social media revolution may be advancing, but it ain’t here yet: Instant messaging hasn’t become the preferred method of communication among IT staff; nor ...

  • Google Flu Trends: What is it?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 13 Nov 2008
  • Chills, body aches, fever -- it’s flu season. Am I sure of these symptoms? Of course, I Googled them. If you find yourself doing the same as cold and flu signs creep up around you, you may be ...

  • Google Chrome: How secure is your information?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 06 Nov 2008
  • Google is growing. From Chrome to G1, it’s not just for searching anymore. As the Google giant is creating new breeds of consumers (“cross-consumers,” I call them -- spanning email, news, mobile ...

  • How user-friendly is your website?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 05 Nov 2008
  • Are “user-friendly” projects more likely to catch on? It makes sense – the easier it is for the average user, the more likely it is that they will continue using it. You know, the whole “keep it ...