CIO Symmetry

October 2008

  • Gmail apps: Text your contacts

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 31 Oct 2008
  • Google Gmail users now have the option to send text messages to mobile phones. The experimental app, found in Gmail Labs, was made available to all users Thursday night. The feature is very similar ...

  • Halloween costumes only an IT geek could love

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 30 Oct 2008
  • What could be scarier than IT security breaches and software audits? For those of you who want to impress your friends and co-workers with a little bit of Halloween creativity (while sending along ...

  • Geekin' out with Google's G1

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 23 Oct 2008
  • On Wednesday, the G1 Google phone for T-Mobile with Android – the first “free, open source and fully customizable mobile platform” – was made available in stores to the general public. A geek at ...

  • Obama's iPhone App

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 03 Oct 2008
  • The Obama campaign has introduced an iPhone application — Obama ‘08. Self-described as the “official, comprehensive connection to the heart of Barack Obama and Joe Biden's campaign,” the ...

  • Is Microsoft trying to buy users?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 02 Oct 2008
  • In an attempt to get more users, Microsoft has added SearchPerks to its Live Search service. But, unless you have Internet Explorer 6.0, you aren’t even able to access the SearchPerks registration ...