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We need a non-e-mail way to organize our projects

Our company is designed around a team structure rather than a management one. So there are always a number of ongoing team-based projects. Communicating ideas among team members is always challenging. We have tried using internal forums without success. Currently most communication is performed using e-mail and resulting threads. This is not efficient and wastes e-mail space, and the most recent message does not always contain all relevant info since one thread can turn into several due to simultaneous e-mail replies. After a project is completed, time is not spent cleaning up all the old e-mail. Any suggestions on a simple application for sharing ideas? We don't need a conference app, but one that can be used long term for the life of a project. Thanks!
Have you considered a collaboration application similar to Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange? Both products offer public and private folders for threaded communication. The folders can be stored indefinitely or deleted at the end of the project.

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