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Starting with certs after five years in support, admin and Web programming

Hello, I have been in IT for about five years and have been in support, administration and Web programming roles. I have a two-year degree in biz administration but NO certifications.

With the recent exodus of IT jobs offshore, I am thinking I should get some certifications. I like everything I have done in the past, but the only certification I think I would be interested in is the HTI+ certification. What do you think about this certification and what other certifications do you think are good to pursue?

The HTI+ is an interesting certification but has very little to do with your prior experience base. Also, this certification hasn't been taken up in large numbers in the marketplace yet (and, frankly, based on its lackluster performance so far, may never be anywhere near the big hits that A+ or Network+ have been or even the relatively modest hits that Security+ and Server+ have been). I have to disagree that your expertise, particularly in Web programming, is doomed to a future offshore, but I certainly do understand your reasons for concern.

My advice would be: Investigate your opportunities, and then pursue those that lie most in keeping with your interests. Only if you find little or nothing to pursue would it be worthwhile to consider additional certifications. If that's the case, post again, but please tell me more about your background, former on-the-job experience and where your strongest interests lie. That information will enable me to make more specific recommendations that are likely to be of some interest and perhaps even of some value in your future career planning process.

Thanks for posting and HTH,

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