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Server access on XP machines

We have a problem with accessing 2 of the folders on our server on just the XP machines. The server is an NT 4.0 sp6 machine. The folders are approximately 1.5 gig in size. It takes more than a minute sometimes to access the contents of those 2 folders only. There is not a problem accessing the rest of the folders. The W98 and W2K machines bring the folder contents up immediately. Have you run into this problem before and what do you suggest I try? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

According to this JSI FAQ (http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBO/tip7200/rh7265.htm) "When you open a file on a remote computer, Windows Explorer obtains detailed information about the file, and about the remote share. This process can take a long time over a slow link." That FAQ entry also goes on to recommend installing latest service packs, and includes a set of very specific Registry hacks that may help with speeding up the problem. My guess is that these folders are much, much bigger than any of the others and that WinXP is grabbing more data about them than W98 or W2K try to access—hence the difference in startup/load speed.

Good luck with your situation. See also http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=957524 for some interesting discussions of and insights into the same kinds of problems.

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