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ISA server query

I was wondering if you have setup info for ISA server 2004s Firewall on a Windows 2000 Server which is part of a domain? The DC is running DNS and DHCP. This is a test system and I have a dymanic NIC connection to the internet provided by Bellsouth. The internal Nic is a static IP and the Server I want to install ISA onto is setup as a forwarder for the internal DNS server.

I don't have the information you're seeking, but I can tell you where to look for it with good hopes of success. Dr. Tom Shinder is a leading ISA Server expert and has several books on the topic. My guess is that the older titles listed here are most likely to contain the information you seek, but that perhaps all of them would contain it. If they don't, you can e-mail Dr. Shinder at tshinder@starblazer.tzo.com.

The books are as follows (I list them oldest first, with the idea being that the older books are most likely to contain the info you need; as an added benefit, you can probably find a used/cheaper copy of the oldest books most easily as well): 1. ISA Server and Beyond, by Tom Shinder, Debra Littlejohn Shinder, and Martin Grasdal, Syngress, 2002, ISBN: 1931836663. 2. Best Damn Firewall Book, Period, by Robert J. Shimonksi, et al (including both Shinders and more), Syngress, 2003, ISBN: 1931836906. 3. Configuring ISA Server 2004, by Debra Littlejohn Shinder, Tom Shinder, and Martin Grasdal, Syngress, 2005, 1931836191. HTH, and thanks for writing.


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