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How do I configure a second domain controller in a Win2k Server setup?

How do I configure a second domain controller's DNS and DHCP in a Windows 2000 server setup?
Gee, that depends on whether or not you want the domain controller to act as a server or not, and, if so, what kind of server role you want it to play (these vary for DNS and DHCP, depending on lots of different factors). It also depends on whether or not you're running Active Directory in your domain, and what level of AD integration you're seeking from these various services. In short, one could easily write a book on each subject, which explains why Microsoft has oodles and scads of detailed documentation available on both subjects in the TechNet Web site. Visit TechNet and search for "Windows Server 2003 DNS" or "Windows Server 2003 DNS configuration," then do likewise using DHCP where DNS appears in the two previous queries. You'll find more stuff to read, and more detailed advice to ponder on these subjects than you can read in a month of Sundays!

Good luck!

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