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We are currently looking into a CRM solution for our "not so large" enterprise. We have about 50 employees that support 10000+ members of our association. We have looked at Siebel, Peoplesoft, e.Piphany and Onxy so far, which are all nice products. The only issue is pricing, $25,0000 - $500,000 for even the "Mid Market Edition" is a bit much for our budget. Can you suggest alternative vendors that may be able to deliver similar products but for a smaller business?
As a CRM architect and expert, I understand the cost justification and ROI issues for a small enterprise investment into a CRM solution. I have evaluated and recombined CRM solutions like Siebel, e.piphany, Oracle, Onxy and PeopleSoft for large enterprises. The cost justification and ROI of a large enterprise solution is still a difficult choice. I have a couple CRM solutions recommendations that you should review. Here are a couple of questions I need to know about your business and technical requirements.

1.) What industry does your company focus on? (vertical or horz.)?
2.) What is your market segment and share?
3.) Who are your customers? (internal & external)
4.) What are your products and services offerings?
5.) What your e-commerce present and future strategy?
6.) Doses Enterprise has an IT architecture hardware/software vendors?
7.) If yes what are your Technology architecture platform components, for example; applications, database, network, Unix or NT servers and Cisco.
8.) How many IT resources are on staff?

Please call or email me with the answers to these questions. The answers will help me recommend the right CRM & eCRM solutions for your enterprise, based on what industry, customers, products and services your company offers. There are a couple of affordable CRM solutions for small to mid-sized enterprises under $225K.

The CRMS Advantage products is one of them focused on the Telecommunications industry. This CRM product is a vertical markets solutions and can be customized to any industry. Here a link to review the CRMS Advantage demo. If you have any questions, please email me directly.


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