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Certifications in forensic audit?

I'm an information system auditor and I wish to know whether there are certifications in forensic audit. Please send me or direct me to their websites.
If anything, there are too many such certifications around. In fact, if you check out my latest vendor-neutral and vendor-specific security certification surveys at www.searchsecurity.com (both should be readily available online on or around January 1, 2005), you'll find over 30 credentials in this space, along with brief descriptions of and pointers to their various offerings. Of these, those from the EC-Council and SANS are probably best-known and bear further investigation. For a different point of view, and an interesting "Top 5 Forensics Certifications" list, please consult the Sybex book "Computer Forensics JUMPSTART" by Michael G. Solomon, Diane Barrett, and Neil Broom (2005, ISBN: 078214375X), Appendix C "Forensics Certifications." HTH, and thanks for posting. --Ed—

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