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CRM packages for small companies

We are a small start up company that needs and wants to set up a web based customer support infrastructure. Most of the products seem to be aimed at the Fortune xxx and not for small outfits. Are there CRM packages aimed at small companies? I say CRM but really all we need is the customer support functionality - knowledge database, problem logging, tracking etc.

You might want to look at the following companies: Act, Frontrange Solutions, Commence, Upshot.com, and Sales.com. Be careful, although you think your needs are modest, your requirements could become much more robust as you further analyze the needs -- please identify your core needs and perform a cost/benefit analysis so that you understand the tradeoffs between software solutions. For example, knowledge management could potentially expand into its own application with very sophisticated functions.

For more information on vendors and solutions, check out searchCRM's Best Web Links on CRM Vendors/General Information.

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