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Security and risk management in the midmarket

Keeping your information safe and secure is a top IT priority. Information security, risk management and defending your data are covered in our midmarket guides. Learn more.

Security and risk management may not necessarily make your organization, but they can certainly break it. Data breaches and security lapses aren't the kinds of headlines you want to make. Get the latest information security and risk management tips, news and more in these guides for midmarket CIOs. For more information on other topics for midmarket CIOs and senior-level IT professionals, check out our Midmarket CIO Briefings directory.

Disaster recovery/business continuity

Solid disaster recovery (DR) plans and strategies are crucial for the health and longevity of your business. And if disaster strikes, a business continuity (BC) plan will ensure that your DR efforts weren't in vain. Learn more about creating, testing, deploying and maintaining DR and BC strategies.

Identity and access management guide

Identity management is more prominent in the security food chain in these days of heightened security. Properly identifying users is key to protecting your data and business.

Information security policies

IT security was the top technology priority for 45% of SMBs in a recent survey. Get guidance and support on how to effectively handle security in your organization with this guide.

Regulatory compliance management

Regulatory compliance management can tax a midmarket company, but there's no way around it. Get the latest news and insights regarding regulations and standards in this guide.

Risk management

Learn how to develop risk management strategies in these guides, with tips that can help you boost business performance, prioritize risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Spyware defense

Spyware is one of the fastest-growing threats to businesses, and midmarket companies are no exception. This guide offers resources to help prevent and combat spyware.

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