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Midmarket data center management guides: Tips and best practices

Don't get lost in your data center! Learn more about data storage, data center virtualization, green IT and more in our data center management guides.

Data center management can lead to a number of questions for midmarket CIOs, given the many areas it encompasses. Would virtualization help you save money -- and help the environment, considering the reduced usage of resources? Speaking of helping the environment, what about green IT? Is it affordable? Oh, and speaking of affordable, everyone wants the latest in mobile computing devices, but can your company afford them, given the current economic realities?

To get advice on these and other topics, check out our data center management guides for midmarket CIOs. The guides contain news, tips and resources to help you make smart decisions for your organization. For more information on other topics for midmarket CIOs and senior-level IT professionals, check out our Midmarket CIO Briefings directory.

Data storage management

With a growing number of storage options available to SMBs, it's important to nail down a data storage management strategy. Learn tips, strategies and techniques in our guide.

Email management strategies

Email management can be a difficult task for midmarket companies. Learn more about upgrades, spam, email security and more in this Midmarket CIO Briefing.

Green IT strategies

Midmarket CIOs don't make green decisions -- they make greenback ones. And CIOs who are considering establishing a green IT strategy have to be sure their investments bring a quantifiable return. In this guide, get all the information you need about the tools and products available to help launch your green IT strategy -- doing something good for the environment, as well as the bottom line.

Information systems management

Systems management is an essential part of IT professionals' responsibilities in the midmarket. Find tips, news and more on the subject in this Midmarket CIO Briefing.

Mobile management

With iPad devices, smartphones in business and BYOD initiatives, the savvy CIO needs an airtight mobility management strategy.

Networking management strategies

Networks made simple -- or complex? From basic definitions to security and virtual private network must-haves, this guide takes the bite out of network management challenges.

PCs, servers and tools

PCs, servers, other hardware and software change by the minute, and keeping up with them or just maintaining the status quo isn't easy. This Midmarket CIO Briefing will help midmarket CIOs make smart choices.

Unified communications strategies

Unified communications (UC) is quickly becoming an important part of the business environment. Users can manage calls, multimedia and messages from a single point of contact to quickly and efficiently stay on top of all communication. But keeping so much information in one location is making people wary -- what about security? Get expert advice and stories from peers to ensure the success of your unified communications strategy. From planning to implementation, this guide to UC will provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.


Let's face it -- while virtualization solutions get two thumbs up in IT, the business side needs to see ROI and clear business benefits. Learn how to prove both in the following guides:

VoIP strategies

Midmarket companies are ready for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). But the technology's many benefits must be balanced with security risks and infrastructure requirements. This guide covers key areas of VoIP adoption for the midmarket and provides steps on how to get started.

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