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Midmarket CIO Briefings: Information technology resources

Midmarket CIO Briefings are an essential resource for IT professionals who are looking for advice, articles, tips and trend information on IT topics.

SearchCIO-Midmarket.com's Midmarket CIO Briefings are essential, one-stop resources for CIOs and IT professionals at midmarket companies who are looking for hands-on advice, articles, tips and trend information on specific IT topics. These guides offer categorized information to help IT professionals make smart technology and business decisions. Topics include networking, aligning IT/business alignment, IT infrastructure, IT budgeting, career and staff management, mobile computing, security and more.

Below are links to guides that will help you understand and evaluate your options for virtualizing your organization, establishing your disaster recovery plan, overseeing compliance, hiring and retaining skilled IT professionals and more.

For enterprise-level management and leadership information on these topics, check out the CIO Briefings on SearchCIO.com.

Business software

Stay up to date on the latest software tools and solutions to keep your IT shop running effectively and efficiently. From business intelligence to Software as a Service, our guides on business software cover it all.

Data centers and virtualization

There's a lot of ground to cover when it comes to data centers and virtualization. That's why we've compiled our guides to help you keep up with the ever-changing tools and technologies for data storage, unified communications, mobile computing and networking. Learn more.

IT and business management

It's important for IT professionals in leadership roles to understand the IT Infrastructure Library, evaluate specific ROI and develop budget strategies -- all while keeping IT and the business aligned. These guides provide strategic information on these topics and more.

Security and risk management

Learn how to manage security and risk factors across IT -- everything from regulatory compliance management to spyware. Our guides provide expert advice and tips from IT leaders across the midmarket.

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