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Managing growth in midsized enterprises: Best in IT Leadership series

Learn how CIOs are managing growth by creating an IT strategic plan, choosing scalable solutions and using leadership skills to manage change and keep up with their CEOs' strategies.

A hallmark of many midmarket business plans is growth. And whether your CEO's strategy is to make your business the next Google or simply to increase sales and expand products and markets, managing growth is a challenge. It requires not just the qualities of a good leader, but also an IT strategic plan and the ability to make strategic technology decisions that can scale with the business.

In this installment of our Best in Midmarket IT Leadership series, which features CIOs at midsized businesses at critical junctures in their companies' history and development, we focus on managing growth. This package brings you insights from CIOs at Deckers Outdoor Corp. (maker of Uggs footwear), Peet's Coffee & Tea Inc., Dolby Laboratories Inc. and more as they build an IT strategic plan or grapple with other issues of scalability and managing change. You'll find a combination of quick-to-read and in-depth articles to help you navigate growth at your own organization.

 Preparing for the upturn, CIO sees IT budget increase for staff
After running IT on a shoestring, the CIO of a growing firm gets a 15% budget increase to support global expansion and prepare the business for the upturn.

 Strong IT Capability Helps Midmarket Companies Grow
When the winds of fortune bring a gust of growth to midmarket companies, CIOs need to be fast-moving, flexible and braced for change to bring their firms to new heights.

 Custom-Blended: Growth May Mean Changes for Peet's IT Infrastructure
Peet's Coffee is hot right now, for sure. But its IT infrastructure needs a jolt to keep up with growing business demands.

 Dolby Laboratories CIO, Exec. Discuss How to Prioritize IT Projects
At a unit of Dolby Laboratories, the CIO and president discuss how they are managing double-digit growth and competing IT requests.

 Alignment of IT and Business Helps Engineering Firm Preserve Values
Executives at engineering firm David Evans and Associates discuss managing growth while staying true to the company's values.

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