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How Education and Public Sector Organizations Can Capitalize on Data to Enhance the User Experience

Every organization in every industry is creating massive volumes of data. The goal of many IT modernization efforts is to ensure that the organization can harness the value of that data to understand powerful insights, increase efficiencies and drive innovations.

This is particularly true for organizations in education and the public sector, where capitalizing on data is about more than cutting costs or operating more efficiently—although those are outcomes you certainly expect to achieve with your IT modernization efforts. 

IT teams in these organizations also serve a larger purpose: By empowering a better, more convenient, more consumer-like experience, they can change and improve the lives of users now and into the future.

In education and the public sector, IT faces unique challenges. Budgets are often tight, bureaucracy can be difficult, and there is the need to be constantly vigilant when it comes to issues around security and data privacy. But working in education and the public sector can also be rewarding because of the ability to significantly improve the lives of constituents.

Use cases in education
In education, the ability to better leverage data can enable organizations to:

  • Provide interactive experiences for students regardless of physical location. Some examples include the ability to leverage social media, real-time data analytics, mobile applications, cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and more.
  • Improve student outcomes by using data to provide individualized experiences tailored to specific student needs. Moreover, data insights and enhanced security solutions can help improve group experience learning and digital collaboration.
  • Strengthen research capabilities, particularly at universities that specialize in or conduct academic research. By using data analytics and modern technologies to increase speed and improve collaboration capabilities, IT can enable researchers to work on larger data sets with more data variety than ever before.

Use cases in the public sector
In the public sector, unlocking the capital of your data can enable organizations to:

  • Improve government services by reducing backloads throughout social services, the court systems and law enforcement. As described by the Forbes Technology Council, you can “reduce the size of backlogs, let humans focus on the challenging requests and speed up the answer of ‘yes’ for millions in the queue.”
  • Enhance cybersecurity with AI, machine learning, blockchain and other advances to give residents and citizens additional confidence in leveraging government resources for all kinds of activities, from paying taxes to registering their motor vehicles.
  • Increase transparency, simplify voting, improve the user experience, reduce paper (and paperwork) and leverage data analytics in any number of ways to make government more capable of being “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

IDG Infographic: Data Protection solutions drive success in data-driven organizations

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Case studies
Forward-looking organizations across the public sector and K-12 and higher education are already leveraging many of the benefits of IT modernization to enable users to reap the benefits of their data capital. For example:

  • The Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation has modernized its data center and can now support more than 2,500 concurrent users and is much faster and more robust in processing claims—with an 80% improvement in user efficiency.
  • The Crosby Independent School District in Harris County, Texas, has been able to reduce downtime by 60%, accelerate application performance by 50% and eliminate $60,000 in annual support costs. It has also been able to equip each student from grades 7 to 12 with a mobile device and provide a better learning experience for all students.
  • The University of Nevada, Reno, provides a compelling example of a university working in partnership with a public agency. The Intelligent Mobility project, in conjunction with the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, is leveraging modern networking, storage, compute, sensors, AI, the Internet of Things and more to provide affordable transportation that takes the community to what it describes as “the next level of safety.”

In today’s world, the more successful your organization can be at capitalizing on its data, the more value you can deliver across your communities, agencies and institutions. Legacy IT can give way to modern data centers that eliminate silos, leverage clouds and support innovations such as AI to modernize the IT environment without causing major disruption to your existing workloads and applications. 

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