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IT salary and careers survey: CIOs expect raises, despite gloomy mood's annual IT salary and careers survey indicates that IT execs expect pay increases in 2010, even though pessimism and tactical concerns linger. Read the stories here.

Many organizations saw their IT budgets hold steady or fall in 2009, and with those cuts often came salary freezes or reductions for IT staff.

That was the background for's annual IT salary and careers survey, conducted among readers of and in the fourth quarter of 2009 via email. The survey took stock of IT careers, CIO salary levels and IT budgets. The clear sentiment from the 952 respondents was lingering pessimism for 2010. Shrunken IT budgets often meant that tactical considerations won out over strategic activities. Still, half of IT executives expect to see pay increases this year.

The survey covered 21 industries and all regions of the U.S. It defined a senior IT executive as having a title of vice president, executive vice president, senior vice president, CIO, chief technology officer or chief information security officer.

Half of IT executives expect pay increases in 2010

Some industries will average twice as much as others, and there are also big differences between newer companies and older ones.

How CIO, IT salaries vary by industry

The results of our annual IT salary survey are in, and IT execs in some industries clearly earn more than others. Which industry do you think comes out on top?

More pessimism than optimism in IT outlook for 2010

The IT outlook in 2010 for many enterprises is one of pessimism, although, surprisingly, some hard-hit industries report optimism in their IT shops. Get a 2010 outlook with a breakdown by industry.

Tactical decisions outweighed IT strategic planning for CIOs in 2009

CIOs spent more time on tactical decisions over IT strategic planning in 2009, which ended up being a good strategy to drive business value during the Great Recession.

Teams rally to bring value after cuts in IT staffing

Despite cuts in IT staffing and budgets, the efficiencies born of challenging times also engaged IT in 2009 -- and may drive IT job opportunities in 2010.

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