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IT leadership and strategy guides for CIOs

Leading your IT organization through calm and troubled waters alike requires innovative strategies and top-notch leadership skills. These CIO Briefings will help you expand your leadership and strategy skill sets.

Leading your IT organization through calm and troubled waters alike requires innovative strategies and top-notch leadership skills. These CIO Briefings will help you expand your IT leadership and strategy skill sets. For more information for CIOs and senior-level IT professionals, check out our CIO Briefings directory.

Business processs management

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving an organization's business processes. It ideally helps large companies better understand the complex interaction between employees and computer systems and automates mechanical business processes so employees can use their skills in more value-added ways. But establishing a BPM strategy is no easy task, particularly for enterprise companies. The following CIO Briefing contains articles on best practices, case studies and tools that will help CIOs of large organizations deploy BPM strategies.

Business processs management systems

CIOs can learn how to incorporate BPM into their IT departments with the news and tips in this CIO Briefing.

Business services management

Developing effective enterprise business services requires an IT leader with strong managerial skills. Learn more in this guide on IT business services for enterprise CIOs.

IT budgeting and spending strategies for CIOs

IT budgeting and spending is an essential, if not enjoyable, part of any CIO's job. This CIO Briefing is filled with resources to help you prepare for your next round of IT budgeting and funding.

IT governance

An enterprise governance program is key to the IT success of many organizations. Learn how to properly govern IT assets and resources and align IT governance and compliance.

IT hiring and retention strategies for CIOs

CIOs need to focus on hiring and retaining qualified IT professionals to meet the needs of today's businesses. Use our resources to help.

IT leadership skills for CIOs

Leadership skills are often just as important as technological ones for CIOs, and your leadership style can mean the difference between connecting with your staff or not. Get some advice on establishing and improving your IT leadership skills in this CIO Briefing.

IT managed services providers

Many enterprise companies are establishing IT managed services provider strategies to cover new services and delivery models. Learn more in this IT managed services provider guide.


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is designed to help IT professionals improve processes within their organizations. Within these guides, you'll find ITIL case studies, product overviews and trend articles on the strategies, execution, and tools and technologies behind successful ITIL utilization.

Outsourcing and offshoring

In these CIO Briefings, you'll find outsourcing case studies, news and trend articles on the strategies, execution and tools and technologies behind successful outsourcing and offshoring.

Project management

Success with enterprise project and portfolio management requires knowledge of the methodologies and tools of the trade. Learn more in these guides:

Security, risk management and compliance staffing

Security, risk management and compliance are serious issues for CIOs. This CIO Briefing offers insights on how to recruit, manage and retain skilled IT staff members who can manage these complicated tasks.

Vendor management strategy

Enterprise CIOs are looking to codify their IT vendor management strategies as vendors provide opportunities for cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Learn more in this guide.

This was last published in June 2011

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