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IT and business management: Service, process and project performance

Blending IT and business is crucial for today's midmarket CIOs. Expert tips and advice on ITIL, ITSM and outsourcing are provided in our IT and business management guides.

Blending IT and business is crucial for today's midmarket CIOs. Get expert tips and advice on ITIL, ITSM, outsourcing and other crucial areas of concern in our IT and business management guides. For more information on other topics for midmarket CIOs and senior-level IT professionals, check out our Midmarket CIO Briefings directory.

Business process management

Find out what it takes to implement a business process management strategy in your midmarket organization -- from BPM basics to business process tool selection.

Email outsourcing

Due to budget constraints, SMBs are turning to email outsourcing. In this guide, learn if email outsourcing is right for you and find tips on choosing an email service provider.

IT and business alignment

The alignment between the business side and IT is crucial. Learn more with these tips and news articles.

ITIL strategies

The IT Infrastructure Library provides companies with a framework to achieve quality service -- but is it the right answer for midmarket CIOs? Find out in this Midmarket CIO Briefing.

IT innovation

In this tutorial, we'll give you tips to help build innovation in your company and avoid the common mistakes that lead to IT innovation failure.

IT outsourcing

Data center outsourcing can cut costs, but at what price? Learn about the risks, best practices and costs of data center outsourcing for midmarket companies.

IT salaries

Although glad to be out of 2009, IT managers learned a lot, tackling shrinking budgets and added responsibilities. Find out more, including how IT salaries have fared.

IT Service Management best practices

IT Service Management (ITSM) implementations can increase ROI and improve IT efficiency -- all while following the best practices guidelines laid out by ITIL and other ITSM frameworks. Learn more about how ITSM can work for you.

IT staffing and management

IT careers can be difficult to navigate. Check out our updated IT management guide for the latest resources on IT staffing and careers for midmarket CIOs.

Lessons learned in IT efficiency, productivity

Lessons learned in IT In 2009 can be carried over to 2010 to increase IT efficiency and productivity -- and get a solid start on security, virtualization and more.

Project and portfolio management

Learn more about PPM and PMO on the cheap, as well as best practices, SharePoint project management installations and big project traps.

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