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Data center management for CIOs

A successful data center management strategy should address compliance, consolidation, migration and business continuity. Learn more about setting up and managing your data center.

A successful data center management strategy should address compliance, consolidation, migration and business continuity. In this CIO Briefing you'll find the tools and resources you need to develop, manage and/or enhance your corporate data center, including tips on going green.

This guide is part of the SearchCIO.com CIO Briefing series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic guidance and advice that addresses the management and decision-making aspects of timely topics. For a complete list of topics covered to date, visit the CIO Briefing section.

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  Target's data centers keep pace with retail growth
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DALLAS -- Doug Hall could be the envy of every CIO whose data center is running out of capacity.

Hall, a technical architect at Minneapolis-based retail giant Target Corp., runs a 28-person facilities management team that sits within IT. The team's job is to make sure each of the company's 4,000 IT employees knows exactly how much capacity is available to them. More important, if someone needs a new server, there's a place to put it.

It's not that Hall doesn't have space issues at Target's data centers. But by using data center capacity management and forecasting best practices, Hall and his team have clear visibility into data center operations. As a result, they've had little trouble making the case for new data center construction.

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  Top 10 ways to save energy in the data center
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LAS VEGAS -- Gartner Inc. has predicted that the cost of supplying energy to a server over its three-year lifetime will soon exceed the server's acquisition cost.

With this in mind, Chris Loeffler, product manager of data center solutions at Eaton Corp. in Cleveland, offered delegates at this week's Gartner Data Center Conference the top 10 ways to save energy in the data center. He said these "low-hanging" management options and technologies can combine to reduce data center energy consumption by up to 50% without compromising availability.

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  Energy, market drive up price of hosted data centers
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The cost of outsourcing data centers to hosted or colocation providers is skyrocketing, and CIOs are getting burned.

Bill Martorelli, principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge Mass., observed in a new research note that Forrester clients with expiring data center colocation contracts are experiencing "sticker shock" as vendors double their fees.

"Companies that have been under contract these last three or four years, there has been so much change during that period," he said. "It's not necessarily a new phenomenon, but since they're renewing their contracts now, they're coming face to face with it. I haven't heard anyone being brought low and completely destroyed by it, but it makes for some difficult choices."

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  CIOs save green by going green in the data center
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CIO Rick Peltz doesn't mince words when it comes to Green IT.

"I'm very concerned over the environment, but do I do anything specific to accommodate it? The answer is no," Peltz said. "To be honest with you, it's not important."

But that doesn't mean Peltz's IT department at Encino, Calif.-based Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services Inc. doesn't do its part to conserve energy. Peltz said he plans to add several American Power Conversion Corp. (APC) server racks to Marcus & Millichap's Chicago data center to do just that. His motivation, however, is economic, not environmental.

"We're always looking to cut back on power," Peltz said, "but we're looking at it strictly from an economic perspective."

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