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CIO Briefings: IT leadership resources, business management tutorials

To help CIOs and senior IT professionals keep up with the latest IT and business trends, SearchCIO.com has developed a series of senior-level management guides designed to provide strategic guidance and advice essential for today's IT leaders.

To help CIOs and senior-level IT professionals keep up with the latest IT and business trends, we've developed...

a series of senior-level management guides to provide strategic tips and advice essential for leaders. Each CIO Briefing includes insights from experts, original SearchCIO.com articles and other resources, all addressing the management and decision-making aspects of a timely IT topic or trend.

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Business software and services

They're the nuts and bolts of IT, the lifeblood of your organization. Explore the critical IT systems and software that you use every day with these CIO Briefings.

Data centers and virtualization

Managing the various systems that make up the foundation of your IT organization can seem daunting. That's why we've created these CIO Briefings on maximizing your management muscle.

Information security and risk management

Keeping your IT organization safe and secure is one battle. Doing it while staying in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is another. These CIO Briefings will help you do both, and then some.

IT and business management

Leading your IT organization through calm and troubled waters alike requires innovative strategies and top-notch leadership skills. These CIO Briefings will help you expand your leadership and strategy skill sets.

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