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Business software guides for the midmarket: CRM, ERP, Web 2.0 and more

Find a wide range of business software solutions for the midmarket, covering everything from ERP software to Web 2.0 applications in our business software guides.

Business software solutions help you get the job done. Learn more about business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and other products with our business software guides. For more information on other topics for midmarket CIOs and senior-level IT professionals, check out our Midmarket CIO Briefings directory.

Business intelligence

How much emphasis do you put on business intelligence management? Learn how to improve strategy and user adoption, and get tips on BI tools, in these guides.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are changing productivity rates and daily workflows. Learn more about how to get the most out of SharePoint and other collaboration tools in this briefing.

Corporate performance management software

Corporate performance management software helps midmarket companies improve business processes and leverage metrics to better forecast their needs. Learn more with the CPM resources in this guide.

Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software options are increasing for the midmarket. This guide will help you make informed choices, with CRM news for midmarket CIOs, product options, tips and expert advice.

Enterprise application integration

CIOs look to enterprise application integration to coordinate and consolidate. Learn how to use SOA, cloud computing and application integration providers to your advantage.

Enterprise resource planning

Midmarket companies are adopting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in record numbers to handle their business needs. Whether you're considering an enterprise resource planning implementation or are in the thick of it, check out this ERP software guide for advice. You'll find tips on how to get started with an ERP implementation, learn how it interacts with Software as a Service and hear stories from CIOs who have been there and done that.

Master data management

Master data management (MDM) is, in short, a way to clean up your company's data by providing a one-stop shop for data. But it's complex and not so easy to get a handle on. From technical tips to news articles, this SearchCIO-Midmarket briefing includes the best of our master data management coverage.

Open source software management

Open source software has caught on in the midmarket, thanks to advances in security as well as a growing acceptance of its use. Learn more in this Midmarket CIO Briefing.

SaaS and SOA

Software as a Service (SaaS) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) have quickly become widely used terms in the technology world. But how well do they fit into your world? Despite their prominence, there are still questions surrounding SaaS and SOA: Which applications work best for me and my company? Will I be able to save time and money?

It seems SaaS and SOA are good fits for the midmarket. But you're unique -- what works for others may not work for you. From integration and security to efficiency and cost, we've pulled together our best tools to provide you with the answers you need to determine if SaaS and SOA are right for you.

Software and data management

Viva la data center revolution! This SearchCIO-Midmarket briefing is chock full of data management tools to help you navigate the dynamics of a new world order.

Web 2.0 applications

Web 2.0 applications revolutionized the Internet with social networking and online communities; now they're gaining traction inside the corporation, with tangible returns on investment and other benefits that improve the customer experience, lift employee engagement and drive innovation. Where is the business value in blogging? Which Web 2.0 applications work best in midmarket organizations? From SharePoint to Facebook, blogs to online communities, our guide provides you with case studies on Web 2.0 applications and expert guidance to help you compare the risks vs. benefits and advance your organization. To optimize your business, read on.

Windows 7

Operating system upgrades are not easy. But as IT shops consider moving away from XP, find out what makes a Windows 7 migration worth it (and how to plan for it).

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