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4 ways CIOs can adapt metrics for the new workplace

The limitations of traditional leadership and enterprise metrics are coming to the fore. To adapt, CIOs will need to focus on flexibility, resiliency and employee wellness.

Big opportunities for strategic CIO leadership today

CIOs and technology leaders have unprecedented opportunities to lead their enterprises in meeting today's new demands. Here are some of those opportunities -- and some challenges.

14 potential costs of shadow IT

The use of unsanctioned software can cost enterprise -- a lot -- and not always in obvious ways. Here's a look at shadow IT costs CIOs should understand.

5 ways to improve the CIO-CISO relationship

CIOs and CISOs need to work together for the benefit of the whole organization. To break the mold of hostility, C-suite leaders need to prioritize collaboration and mutual respect.

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    value-sensitive design (VSD)

    Value-sensitive design (VSD) is a concept that advocates the consideration of human principles and standards when planning technology.

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    ephemeral messaging

    Ephemeral messaging is the mobile-to-mobile transmission of multimedia messages that automatically disappear from the recipient's screen after the message has been viewed.

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    digital labor

    Digital labor is work that is performed by robotic process automation (RPA) systems.

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