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CIO responsibilities: Ensure 'safe and sound' IT systems

Digital transformation is having a big influence on the evolution of the CIO role. For one CIO, responsibilities have expanded into ensuring the 'safety and soundness' of IT systems.


GE's take on engineering AI and machine learning systems

AI systems are hard to maintain and need an engineer's touch, according to Jeff Erhardt, vice president of intelligent systems at GE.


Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan talks digital transformation

Read about how SaaS, public cloud, AI and machine learning are driving Symantec's digital transformation in this Q&A with CIO Sheila Jordan.


Symantec CIO's top six IT priorities

Sheila Jordan's CIO strategy at Symantec focuses on bringing 'extreme value' to the business. Here, she discusses her top six IT priorities for achieving that goal.

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    Three questions for Ciena's CIO

    Ciena Corp. CIO Craig Williams expounds on the importance of running IT like a business and how to identify the type of IT people who can execute on that strategy.

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    Chief data officer role today: Less on defense, more on offense

    Customer experience is front and center for every member of the C-suite today -- from the CEO down. That goes for the chief data officer role, too. CDOs were once seen as the high stewards of data ...

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    business process outsourcing (BPO)

    Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a business practice in which one organization hires another company to perform a task (i.e., process) that the hiring organization requires for its own business to successfully operate.

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  • Digital business transformation and innovation

    Leaders of innovation vs. change leaders

    Harvard's Linda Hill explains what makes leaders of innovation successful, starting with realizing their primary role is as stage setter, not top-down visionary.

  • Digital business transformation and innovation

    Legacy systems a drag on transformation

    At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, consultant Cathy Horst Forsyth explains which factors make for a successful digital transformation process and what slows companies down.

  • Cloud computing for business

    Partners picks ClearSky Data for hybrid cloud storage

    Partners HealthCare needed storage that was secure, compliant with health regs and readily accessible to researchers. Read why it took a cloud-storage-as-a-service approach.