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FTC's change to policy could make for healthier mergers

Cornell's Robert Hockett said the FTC's recent decision to rescind a 1995 policy could help prevent bad mergers, as scrutiny of big tech acquisitions ramps up.


Chinese regulatory crackdown is about control, not data privacy

Despite China's messaging, analysts believe the government's recent regulatory tightening on tech companies is more about control than data privacy concerns.


Regulators need to rethink big tech regulation, expert says

A Boston University professor argues that big tech regulation may need to focus more on creating competition through data access rather than through breaking up large companies.


FTC changes course on prior approval for reattempted mergers

The FTC has opened the doors to routinely requiring prior approval for reattempted mergers, as well as requiring prior notice of mergers beyond what's required in the Clayton Act.

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    metered services (pay-per-use)

    Metered services (also called pay-per-use) are any type of payment structure in which a customer has access to potentially unlimited resources but only pays for what they actually use.

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    nearshore outsourcing

    Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of getting work done or services performed by people in neighboring countries rather than an organization's country.

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    Six Sigma

    Six Sigma is a business methodology for quality improvement that measures how many defects there are in a current process and seeks to systematically eliminate them.

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