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How RPA can transform legacy ERP processes

Organizations are turning to RPA to automate business processes connected to legacy ERP systems rather than replacing them. Here's a look into how it's delivering benefits.

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Top 10 reasons why RPA implementations fail

Experts in automation offer insight on why RPA implementations fail in the enterprise and how IT leaders can avoid them to ensure they're getting the most out of the technology.


The contradiction of post COVID-19 risk management

Security vs. usability is always a constant struggle for security teams. The rapid change to remote access during the pandemic has forced companies to revisit their risk management approach.


How to hire a data scientist with AI skills during pandemic

As organizations ramp up their AI efforts during the pandemic and as they return to the workplace, IT leaders are now prioritizing how to find workers with the right AI skills.

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    systems thinking

    Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis that focuses on the way that a system's constituent parts interrelate and how systems work over time and within the context of larger systems.

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    enterprise architecture (EA)

    An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization.

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    A Deep Dive Into Agile Project Management

    Plan, guide and execute projects as effectively as possible. Here is everything you should know about Agile methodologies -- from basic concepts to adapting to change.

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