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5G enables AR and VR for business use

Lag time and the inability to accommodate multiple users have limited AR and VR for enterprise use. 5G will change that, spurring new ways of working and of serving customers.


Changing outsourcing providers? Read this now

The old rules for managing outsourcing transitions no longer apply. Here are three nontraditional approaches to help ensure maximum benefit when switching outsourcing providers.

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6 blockchain limitations relevant to CIOs

The potential benefits of blockchain for enterprise use must be weighed against blockchain's limitations. Here are six.

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Why you need an integrated monitoring architecture ASAP

Digital transformation expert Isaac Sacolick offers four ways to build an integrated monitoring architecture that will actually improve IT operations -- not slow them down.

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    emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is the area of cognitive ability that facilitates interpersonal behavior. The term was popularized in 1995 by psychologist and behavioral scientist Dr. Daniel Goleman. According to Goleman, emotional intelligence is the ...

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    When does the state of quantum computing become relevant for CIOs?

    What do CIOs need to know about the state of quantum computing? Forrester Research provides some guidance.

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    How edge is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Whether you call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution or digital transformation, enterprise IT is being changed fast, and forever, and edge computing is a big reason why.

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  • Risk and compliance strategies and best practices

    What will a Huawei ban mean for IT execs?

    The Trump administration's move to effectively ban Huawei products from U.S. networks has big implications for IT execs in charge of supply chain sourcing and security.

  • Leadership and strategic planning

    CIO advice on presenting to the board of directors

    Board presentations can be scary for CIOs. The good news is you can't go too wrong in a climate where boards are desperate to learn about tech. These tips will help you shine.

  • Digital business transformation and innovation

    What does it mean to be a transformational CIO?

    A panel of CIO experts explore the role of the transformational CIO. Understanding organizational change and being plugged in are big factors.