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8 ways technology makes meetings less painful

Meetings can be frustrating, as they often lead to scheduling and technical complications -- but today, enterprises are utilizing technology in meeting rooms to make them more beneficial.


Why is it crucial to have a succession plan for CIOs?

Succession planning for CIOs is a must. Why do organizations still fail to do an effective job with this task today?


Preventing cloud migration failures

Companies are moving more applications than ever to the cloud, but many of these initiatives fail. Learn how to avoid making your own cloud migration mistakes.


How to tackle AI from an ITSM perspective

We've previously covered how to use AI to improve ITSM processes -- now, we're diving into how organizations can apply ITSM principles to AI.

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    Globalization is the process by which ideas, goods and services spread throughout the world.

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    business process management software

    Business process management software (BPMS) helps companies design, model, execute, automate and improve a set of activities and tasks that, when completed, achieve an organizational goal.

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    The evolution of RPA, from macros to process transformation

    RPA evolved from technology debuted in the 1950s and '60s and was developed to today's standards by the industry's leading vendors. It's future? Think AI.

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  • Leadership and strategic planning

    IT workforce skews younger, says analysis of US data

    The IT workforce is getting younger, according to government IT workforce data. The reasons for this are subject to a debate that includes everything from age bias to a heavy reliance on foreign workers.

  • Bimodal IT organization

    Failure is an option in innovative cultures

    A culture of innovation starts at the top. It's up to CIOs and other leaders to encourage innovative practices and to organize teams in ways that support digital innovation.

  • Enterprise application development, DevOps and software agility

    Colorado pursues API integration strategy for data sharing

    In a quest to be the 'Amazon of state services,' Colorado's chief data officer is rolling out an API integration platform. Challenges abound. Here are the lessons learned.