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Vendor view: CIO leadership trumps new IT tools in 2019

Tech executives sound off on the IT trends they see shaping CIO strategies in 2019. AI and cloud loom large, but the test for CIOs is not just technical.


Rigged polls: Did a CIO cross the line?

IT experts react to yesterday's report in the Wall Street Journal that a CIO used his private company to manipulate online polling data. What's that say about the CIO role?


Gen. Stanley McChrystal on leadership

Retired four-star Gen. Stan McChrystal talks about how modern leadership needs to change and what leadership means in the age of AI.


CIO 2019 job: Delivering a great user experience

In 2019, CIOs should expect to play a major role in delivering a top-notch digital user experience -- for customers, employees and for the sake of the company brand.

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  • Linda Tucci asks:

    Do you have favorite IT mission statement examples that will help CIOs describe the overarching goal of their organizations?

  • George Lawton asks:

    What IT trends will have the biggest impact on CIO strategies in 2019?

  •  asks:

    What's your take on the reports that the Liberty University CIO rigged polling data for the Trump organization?

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