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Tips on multi-cloud management

To reap the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, CIOs must first have the right skills and processes in place. Here are the multi-cloud management best practices to lead the way.

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How to manage multi-cloud: Deployment and maintenance strategies

Although multi-cloud deployment can help increase IT flexibility, CIOs must develop strategies to ensure these complicated environments don't create undue risk.


EmTech 2018 explores blockchain's potential to disrupt

The gathering at EmTech 2018 explored whether blockchain solutions could give the world a new model of trust. What seemed certain: Blockchain disruption is happening now.


Will your C-suite glom on to Apple's Watch Series 4?

The 2018 Apple event may not have wowed on the smartphone front, but the new Watch Series 4, with a built-in ECG, could be a hit in the C-suite and a life saver for remote workers.

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  • David Petersson asks:

    How has your company used AI adoption to improve business processes?

  • Mekhala Roy asks:

    What best practices does your organization use to maximize the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy?

  •  asks:

    EmTech 2018's Gideon Lichfield finds it ironic that the world's biggest banks are co-opting a technology designed to disrupt centralized financial services. What's your view?

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    authentic leadership

    Authentic leadership is a type of management style in which people act in a real, genuine and sincere way that is true to who they are as individuals.

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    ITSM program: Tips on where to start, from a CIO who's been there

    Link Alander has spent nearly a decade taking Lone Star College's ITSM program from subpar to superior. Here, he offers some tips for CIOs just getting started.

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    business process improvement (BPI)

    Business process improvement (BPI) is a management exercise in which enterprise leaders use various methodologies to analyze their procedures to identify areas where they can improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency and then redesign those ...

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