CIO Tips | Page 8
  • Personality mix critical to your startup team

    Finding people with the right experience and skills to build your new business is critical, but it's the personality mix of a startup team that can make or break a small business.

  • A CIO checklist on data ownership

    Social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing require a fresh look at issues related to data ownership, according to Harvey Koeppel. His eight-point CIO checklist can help.

  • FedEx social platform: Lessons learned

    What big company doesn’t want a social networking platform that lets employees really connect, communicate and create? Take it from a pro: The benefits are many and, yes, it is hard to do.

  • Planning for the 802.11ac protocol on your wireless network

    Get advice for assessing whether you should upgrade your wireless network to 802.11ac and for talking to network vendors about whether your core equipment can support it.