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  • Cleaning up our legacy messes

    Application consolidation is not for the faint of heart. Among other hurdles are the users who threaten mutiny. Niel Nickolaisen offers advice on getting the deed done.

  • CIO questions for four cloud experts

    What factors do CIOs weigh when choosing between public and private cloud? Is PaaS the future? Is it time to bring back that cloud deployment? Cloud experts offer insight to CIOs.

  • Cloud computing risk management pointers

    Cloud technology expert Stephen Braat of IT service provider CDW shared his views on cloud computing risk management with CIOs at SIMposium 2014.

  • Getting your cloud contract right: A lawyer's perspective

    It can be difficult to navigate cloud contracts. There are laws to abide by, SLAs, subcontractors and more. Where to start? One lawyer lays out the six basic issues he vets when he reviews cloud co...

  • Learn how to better manage public APIs

    Do you know what APIs are being leveraged inside your enterprise? Performing an internal audit is the first of four steps required for managing APIs.

  • Is it time to bring text analytics technology in-house?

    Is it time to bring text analytics in-house? A director of analytics at Visa advises CIOs to consider these three questions before making a move.

  • Prepping for the all-important investor pitch

    How do you convince investors to fork over money for your new business concept? A detailed 'needs inventory' is critical, says SearchCIO small business columnist Bryan Barringer. Patience also helps.

  • When it's time to put aside the DR playbook

    Harvey Koeppel has been there, done that in terms of IT DR, but no disaster recovery and business continuity plan prepared him for the tragedy that struck when he was the CIO of a global bank on as...

  • Who owns DR? Not the CIO

    An email arrives from on high ordering IT to complete a project ASAP. The CIO marshals the troops. When it comes to disaster recovery, however, it's the CIO's duty to just say, 'No.'

  • Six mobile strategies that make life better

    Mobile strategies that build strong customer relationships aim to make the offline world a better place. Here are six ways businesses are doing that.

  • Mobile chaos vs. mobile governance

    Without governance, BYOD will quickly turn into mobile chaos. SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer lays out the fundamentals of forming a mobility governance team.

  • A custom cloud approach -- minus the customization

    CTO Niel Nickolaisen explains how a custom cloud met changing customer demands, and how he pulled one off while sidestepping the evils of customization.

  • Strategies to monetize your mobile app

    Monetizing your mobile application isn't easy. In this SearchCIO tip, three experts share the secrets behind monetizing their mobile apps and offer advice on how you, too, can develop a successful ...

  • A digital customer strategy in three steps

    CIOs and their application teams need to help their businesses develop a coherent digital customer strategy. Forrester Research's Stephen Powers and Mark Grannan outline the tools required to manag...

  • Mobile BI: The benefits and hurdles

    On-the-spot decision making and in-the-field analysis are two of the many benefits that make mobile analytics a worthy investment.

  • Free templates: RFPs for ERP

    Use these free RFP template examples for ERP to make the best use of your business' technology resources.

  • From enforcer to champion of BYOx, a CTO evolves

    If CTO Niel Nickolaisen saw a rogue application, he would crush it. If he spied an unauthorized device connecting to his network, he shut down the attempt. That was then. Now he's living the BYOx l...

  • Tactics that boost mobile application performance

    Mobile app dev is the easy part. Find out how mobile application performance management software can prevent lackluster performance in the field.

  • Social networking tools are the new enterprise email

    It's past time for CIOs to embrace enterprise social networking tools, says SearchCIO expert Niel Nickolaisen. Seek them out, measure their business value, and don't get discouraged if at first the...

  • Seven useful data science tips from McGraw-Hill Education

    What programming language should every data scientist know? How should data scientists be trained? Why do you need more women on your team? McGraw-Hill Education's Alfred Essa answers those questio...