CIO Tips | Page 13
  • The fall of the enterprise data center

    When it comes to the enterprise data center of the future, past is probably not prologue, says SearchCIO columnist Harvey Koeppel. He offers five tips to prepare for the great data center unknown.

  • BPM principles for a tech-savvy customer base

    Learn five BPM principles for delivering products and services to customers who want to conduct business in an individualized, intimate and instantaneous way.

  • Personality mix critical to your startup team

    Finding people with the right experience and skills to build your new business is critical, but it's the personality mix of a startup team that can make or break a small business.

  • A CIO checklist on data ownership

    Social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing require a fresh look at issues related to data ownership, according to Harvey Koeppel. His eight-point CIO checklist can help.