CIO Tips


  • Personality mix critical to your startup team

    Finding people with the right experience and skills to build your new business is critical, but it's the personality mix of a startup team that can make or break a small business.

  • A CIO checklist on data ownership

    Social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing require a fresh look at issues related to data ownership, according to Harvey Koeppel. His eight-point CIO checklist can help.

  • FedEx social platform: Lessons learned

    What big company doesn’t want a social networking platform that lets employees really connect, communicate and create? Take it from a pro: The benefits are many and, yes, it is hard to do.

  • Planning for the 802.11ac protocol on your wireless network

    Get advice for assessing whether you should upgrade your wireless network to 802.11ac and for talking to network vendors about whether your core equipment can support it.

  • DevOps needs to make infosec part of the team

    Make way for DevSecOps. According to Gartner analyst David Cearley, CIOs need to add security professionals to their DevOps teams.

  • How to build a better IT services organization

    With IT budgets moving out of the IT department, these three best practices will help put your IT organization in a better position to compete with outside IT services companies.

  • Startup failure tied to loss of focus

    Too much passion, too little passion, too many cooks -- there are many factors that can lead to loss of focus and, ultimately, to startup failure.

  • What to think about before signing that private cloud contract

    Relationships between companies and their cloud providers can be fleeting. Knowing this, it's important for CIOs to think about exit strategies before they sign that cloud contract. David Rutchik, ...

  • When to use a diversified cloud strategy

    Experts urge using a diversified cloud strategy to offset cloud vendor instability, but the sophisticated management skills this approach requires may make it unfeasible for some IT organizations.

  • Why you need a diversified cloud strategy

    It can be tough for CIOs to get cloud providers to commit to providing long-term services. One way to ensure stability is by using a diversified cloud strategy.

  • Saving time, money in mobile app development

    Learn about one approach to mobile app development that cuts the amount of resources that go into expensive software development and testing.

  • Cleaning up our legacy messes

    Application consolidation is not for the faint of heart. Among other hurdles are the users who threaten mutiny. Niel Nickolaisen offers advice on getting the deed done.

  • CIO questions for four cloud experts

    What factors do CIOs weigh when choosing between public and private cloud? Is PaaS the future? Is it time to bring back that cloud deployment? Cloud experts offer insight to CIOs.

  • Cloud computing risk management pointers

    Cloud technology expert Stephen Braat of IT service provider CDW shared his views on cloud computing risk management with CIOs at SIMposium 2014.

  • Getting your cloud contract right: A lawyer's perspective

    It can be difficult to navigate cloud contracts. There are laws to abide by, SLAs, subcontractors and more. Where to start? One lawyer lays out the six basic issues he vets when he reviews cloud co...

  • Learn how to better manage public APIs

    Do you know what APIs are being leveraged inside your enterprise? Performing an internal audit is the first of four steps required for managing APIs.

  • Is it time to bring text analytics technology in-house?

    Is it time to bring text analytics in-house? A director of analytics at Visa advises CIOs to consider these three questions before making a move.

  • Prepping for the all-important investor pitch

    How do you convince investors to fork over money for your new business concept? A detailed 'needs inventory' is critical, says SearchCIO small business columnist Bryan Barringer. Patience also helps.

  • When it's time to put aside the DR playbook

    Harvey Koeppel has been there, done that in terms of IT DR, but no disaster recovery and business continuity plan prepared him for the tragedy that struck when he was the CIO of a global bank on as...

  • Who owns DR? Not the CIO

    An email arrives from on high ordering IT to complete a project ASAP. The CIO marshals the troops. When it comes to disaster recovery, however, it's the CIO's duty to just say, 'No.'