The wearable device: When will it arrive in the enterprise?

In this recap, #CIOChat-ters discuss who should be concerned about the wearable device, and when CIOs might need to prepare related wearable policies.

Consumer electronics events like International CES 2014, the Wearable Tech Conference and Expo and the 11th Wearable...

Technologies Conference -- just to name a few -- have many in IT talking about the wearable device incursion. Not only will companies need to prepare for these consumer devices to enter the workplace by crafting new bring your own wearables (BYOW) policies, but some predict they'll also start creating company-specific wearable technology to keep up with user demand.

But how distant is this wearable-focused future? Some of our recent #CIOChat participants don't see wearables in the workplace as a reality, or a priority, in the near-term:

While these #CIOChat-ters don't see wearables having a major impact on the workplace in the next year or so, they are already considering the implications elsewhere -- i.e., schools and government buildings:

Tweet jam participants suggest certain industries and organizations are more concerned with wearable technology in the early stages, but major enterprises need not worry for now -- or should they? Could being lax about the current impact of wearables now leave your IT organization overwhelmed and scrambling in the near future? One tweet jammer said yes:

Wearables such as smartwatches and smart glasses might be toy-like now, but what do we have to look forward to? Our followers predict the wearables of the future -- the ones in the enterprise -- won't look anything like the ones we see in use today:

So when, precisely, might wearable devices go mainstream in the workplace?

When do you think we'll see wearables significantly impact the enterprise? Sound off in the comments section below. For more #CIOChat recaps or to learn about our next chat, follow @SearchCIO on Twitter. We would like to thank this month's tweet jam expert Simon Jones, managing director at OnPR, a technology public relations and analyst firm, and a blogger at WearableTechWatch for joining us and responding to participants' tweets.

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