How to cut the cost of cloud computing and avoid sprawl

How can CIOs assess cloud spending and avoid sprawl? In this tweet jam recap, IT execs and experts discuss how to cut the cost of cloud computing.

Cloud economics is all about picking the cloud solutions that will deliver the greatest value to the business and...

-- of course -- saving some dough. During SearchCIO's September tweet jam, participants were asked:

According to our tweet jammers, CIOs and IT leaders need to look at the whole picture to properly examine how to cut the cost of cloud computing. SearchCIO Senior Features Writer Karen Goulart suggested incorporating business agility into the cloud planning phase:

According to our tweet jam participants, the C-suite is getting a better handle on the economics of IT -- and realizing that cloud solutions can bring value to business as a whole. But with cloud technology more heavily integrated into the business, are some companies on the verge of cloud sprawl -- the point at which administrators can no longer effectively manage their cloud solutions?

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Managing IT -- or just the cloud, for that matter -- on an enterprise scale is no easy task. One poor choice driven by motives other than value-based cloud economics could send an IT department spiraling downward. So, how should CIOs measure value? Should IT departments spend based on the perception of return value? Our tweet jammers had this to say:

We want to know what you think: How can IT cut the cost of cloud computing and avoid cloud sprawl? Tell us in the comments section below.

To join our next Twitter discussion, save the date: Oct. 30 at 3 p.m. EST (topic and expert TBA). To read the entire conversation from September's tweet jam, search "#CIOChat" on Twitter.

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Prevent cloud sprawl before performance drops

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What should CIOs focus on to cut the cost of cloud computing?
Different organisations will have different use cases to move to the cloud. However, the primary focus should be Business agility with low capex. For those looking to cut costs, the key considerations should be are you ok to pay more over time, as it will happen, think of credit cards. Also, what's the exit or migration strategy. What will it mean in terms of business impact and cost to move to another cloud provider or to bring those services in house if the need arises. For SMB it is like a god send gift as they now have the tools such as cloud, mobility and social media to compete with giants of the industry and can move more quickly than big companies due to inherent inertia and friction owing to the size and scale of larrge orgs. For large orgs, they need to capitalize on market opportunity, while keeping risks low.