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Oct 22, 2010

Designing a SLA document

Today we have with us S. Shivashankar, VP, Head IT Infrastructure & Security Operations of Reliance Communications who will share his valuable advice on effectively designing a service level agreement (SLA) ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 20, 2012

Three questions on navigating an outsourcing SLA

Prospective outsourcing clients must be informed consumers and exercise due diligence when evaluating an outsourcing SLA. Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 24, 2012

Essential elements in an internal SLA

An internal SLA helps enterprise IT teams set the parameters for Quality of Service and uptime. Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 23, 2011

SLA template and guidelines for DR outsourcing

Use these guidelines along with our downloadable SLA template to structure, implement and successfully manage SLAs for DR infrastructure outsourcing. Continue Reading


News Jul 03, 2012

Cloud SLA compliance with software defined networking

To improve cloud SLA compliance, providers like DreamHost and Calligo are turning to software defined networking Continue Reading


Problem solve Mar 23, 2006

What's the difference between SLO vs. SLA?

The terms SLO and SLA are often confused, but as you’ll learn in this expert tip, there are key differences. Continue Reading


Manage May 29, 2014

Breaking down what's in your cloud SLA

A cloud SLA can be scary. Filled with governance, security and uptime clauses, it's a lot to handle. Taking it step by step can make it less daunting. Continue Reading


Oct 16, 2014

Claranet warns MSPs over SLA trap

Too many cloud providers are obsessed with meeting an SLA which is not providing the customer with the service they were hoping for, according to Claranet Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 06, 2006

Preparing a SLA for CRM vendors

Read advice from SaaS expert Alan Winters, including implementation advice and how to prepare a service-level agreement (SLA). Continue Reading


Manage Mar 25, 2014

Six areas your storage SLA should cover

What's covered in an SLA can vary, but a contract covering these six areas is designed to help both companies and providers meet their service goals. Continue Reading