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Evaluate Jul 27, 2009

BPM Tutorial

Our new Business Process Management (BPM) tutorial provides the definitions, tips, news, examples, and products you need to get started with or optimize your use of BPM. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 30, 2006

BPM frameworks

Paul Lipton suggests a couple of BPM frameworks that are available in the public domain. Continue Reading


Feb 04, 2002

Vendors update BPM wares

Two enhanced products have been launched for organisations involved in business process management (BPM). Continue Reading


Get started Mar 08, 2013

Social BPM quiz

Test your knowledge of social business process management, or social BPM, with this six-question quiz. Continue Reading


News Nov 22, 2011

Who should manage BPM?

Business process management can improve cross-functional business processes, accelerating and standardizing daily operations. Who should be responsible for managing and using BPM? How do you train and motivate ... Continue Reading


Get started Apr 20, 2011

BPM Learning Guide

This new learning guide introduces you to Business Process Management, BPM. In this BPM learning guide, you'll find articles, tips, expert advice, white papers and more that will explain how BPM fits ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 24, 2004

BPM and business intelligence

Does business performance management (BPM) impact a business intelligence project -- or is it just another buzzword? Read advice on BI and BPM from a business intelligence expert in this tip. Continue Reading


News Jun 28, 2010

SAP BPM best practices: Who should lead BPM initiatives?

BPM ownership is often unclear in organizations, but getting the right people to take charge often dictates BPM success. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 03, 2005

Workflow and BPM applications

What is the difference between workflow applications and Business Process Management (BPM) applications? Read the expert response to this question here. Continue Reading


News Apr 26, 2005

Onyx focuses on BPM

With its analytics release and a new BPM application announced today, Onyx is taking aim at business processes. Continue Reading