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  • Enterprise BPM beyond battling bottlenecks

    Enterprise BPM is about more than battling bottlenecks. CIOs are looking to business process management to help grow the business and hone a competitive edge.

  • human-centric BPM

    Human-centric business process management is an approach to BPM  that considers human skills and activities first and uses automated functions to support them. Most BPM suites include human-centric...

  • process-centric BPM

    Process-centric business process management is a holistic approach to BPM that centers on processes themselves, rather than individual  components such as  documents, workflow or people.  

  • New BPM process and strategy prioritize data-driven outcomes

    Business process management is traditionally focused on improving workflows and rooting out inefficiencies, but new BPM process and strategy is emerging, centered on growing the organization through an emphasis on data-driven...

  • The new BPM program: A focus on data-driven business outcomes

    With an emphasis on data-driven business results, the new BPM program is giving CIOs the tools to help grow the business.

  • Evolving BPM and BPO practices will change the nature of work

    Harvey Koeppel makes the case that BPM and BPO are evolving and converging and will permanently change the way we work.

  • How to leverage the power of open source BPM

    Establishing a relationship with open source BPM providers can help users quickly resolve technical issues and reduce internal IT staff.

  • The importance of business process management: IT execs, experts dish

    The importance of business process management goes well beyond streamlining operations. Now, CIOs explain, they're converting BPM to business value.

  • SOA BPM guide: Mobile, cloud drive BPM, BPEL changes

    This guide dives into running everything, from how to use and test BPEL to advice for working on BPM projects, plus a glossary of must-know key terms.

  • Social media loosens up sober BPM

    Companies are switching from closed-door BPM to a more democratic approach, and their cue comes from the madding crowd of social media.

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